How The Rich are Preparing For Coronavirus

2020 was welcomed by a new strain of flu, the Coronavirus. It’s making its way around the world, sparing no one regardless of race, gender, wealth, among others. To date, there have already been several casualties around the world, and everyone’s doing their best to prevent getting the virus. Even the rich are making their preparations, albeit different from how the rest of the world does it.

$100 Face Masks

While the rest of the world is going crazy trying to look for face masks, the rich don’t seem to have a hard time buying themselves face masks that could cost up to $100. As ridiculous as it looks, you can’t blame them for wanting to keep safe during the virus season. Some celebrities are even trying to name-drop their way, to get face masks.

Celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow was seen wearing a face mask, but not just an ordinary mask. She was caught wearing an urban air mask by Airinium, a Swedish company, which is supposed to have five layers of filtration. Airinium has been a trending topic on social media these days, especially on Instagram. Their face masks can range from $70 to $99, and surprisingly they’ve run out of supplies until April.

Luxury Hand Sanitizers

It isn’t just face-masks that are becoming a luxury because of the virus, as hand sanitizers have made it on the list. $3 isn’t enough to get your hands on hand sanitizers, and you might have to go far as $35 to get yourself one. At least that’s what the rich are doing to keep their hands clean during the outbreak.

But just like the face masks, these hand sanitizers are starting to be sold out despite the hefty price tag. The Chief Executive of Olika, Alastair Dorward, reports that they’ve been getting a lot of orders within minutes and adds that “it’s not clear how many more days the rest of our product will be in stock.”

Isolated Destinations and Private Planes

Panic is coming from all over the place, especially in urban and crowded areas. But the rich are ready with their escape plan, heading to isolated destinations in their private plans. Who wouldn’t want to run away from the panic going on in the city, and be somewhere you can’t be contaminated.

But not all the rich are heading towards their private planes and some travel on land en route to their secluded homes. Some celebrities choose to travel to their home away from home, not too far from the city but with significantly fewer people they can come in contact with. They’re surrounded by lush trees and expansive gardens to entertain themselves. Check out for deals and transform your garden into your own paradise. The fewer people around, the less likely they’ll have an encounter with the virus.

Superyacht Panic Rooms

Who knew that yachts could become panic rooms? For wealthy people who want to travel in style, and away from the panic in the city, the 150-foot superyacht is to the rescue. Besides the superyacht, the rich have their medical isolation rooms in case something happens. They’re well-stocked and well equipped with all the necessary supplies and equipment.

To say that the panic room for the rich is just a room is an understatement. The superyacht is almost like a 5-star hotel, with bedrooms, kitchens, oxygen, food, medicines, among others. It has everything one could need in a panic room but in style. Sailing through the ocean, away from all the people, is perhaps the best way to get around these days.

Personal Emergency Rooms

Emergency rooms around the world are filled with all kinds of people trying to get themselves tested. But the rich can skip the lines with their members-only VIP emergency rooms. They can make an appointment with the doctors anytime, and even access the amenities the hospitals have.

Even the rich can’t avoid the Coronavirus, and even they know that measures need to be taken to prevent contracting the virus. In today’s hysteria, it pays to be rich because you have more access to supplies and are capable of making escape plans.

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