How Technologies Influence Our Health

The advent of technology has been a blessing in every sector of life. For the agricultural industry, technology has helped to find an easier way to farm and get food. Students have better ways to learn because of technology. And now, even the medical sector has significantly improved with the help of technology. Years ago, there was no cure for malaria. Malaria used to be the most feared illness. But now, with a diligent usage of prescribed pills, the body system is rid of the illness. More cures and researches have been possible and successful because of technology. In this article, we’re going to discuss how technology has influenced our health.

1. The Invention of New Machines

Before technology, the medical sector was about herbs and ointment. Soon, people began to amplify those herbs into something better, and they could cure a cold, fever, and other minor diseases. Doctors began to understand and accept that the medical sector is meant for something more than just curing cold and fever. The need for surgery arose because some diseases needed to be removed, as opposed to being cured.

Now, without technology and the invention of life-saving machines, the medical sector would have been a mess. Even simple machines and equipment have been built to make life-saving easy for doctors.

2. Availability of Information

Information is power. With the invention of technology, information about health issues, and even treatment is available to everyone. Now, patients do not have to go to the hospital to decide if they have a cold or malaria. This allows doctors to focus on patients with serious issues. With your smartphones, you have doctors at your fingertips. You can talk or chat with any doctor around the world.

Without entering any hospital or gym or even visiting a therapist, you can take care of your health by reading valuable tips on detox drink for drug test. With the help of technology, you can access useful information on how to improve your self-esteem. Also, we now know what is good or bad for our health.

However, this has advantages and disadvantages. We have heard the news of pregnant women having their babies by themselves just because they read it somewhere. Too much information can get people to diagnose themselves with issues they do not even have.

A patient should go to the hospital before the doctors decide on what is wrong and how to cure it. Often, the patient is the one telling the doctor his problems. This has also made people take wrong treatments before going to the hospital. As much as technology is saving people, it is also putting people’s lives in danger.

3. The Ability to Control Your Diet

With your smartphone, you can maintain your fitness and acquire your desired body shape. Many apps have been built by fitness experts and even doctors to ensure that the right information gets to you. These apps are designed to suit your daily routine. So, you don’t have to squeeze out time to visit the gym on a very busy day. You can also track your fitness progress through these apps. All you need is install your preferred fitness app and use it accordingly.

In fact, using a smartphone to control your diet and fitness is very easy and convenient for you. The apps can draw a timetable for you and set the alarm to remind you to follow them. Whenever you are tired or bored of a particular meal plan, you can surf the internet for new recipes or diet plan that could be exciting for you.

4. Technology and the Mental Health

Technology has provided an equal privilege for the high class and the low class, the rich, and the poor. Yes, the same information is now available to everyone, but it has also made it difficult for the low class to be happy. On social media, the rich and influential people post their daily activities, and everyone sees how well they are faring. The middle class and the poor class would only be intimidated by this.

This is the reason many teenagers and youths fall into depression. However, they can fix this if they filter what they do online and take care of their mental health. The same smartphone that people get depression from, others get treated through it. The right information is key.


Technology has made almost everything possible. It influences our health both positively and negatively. But the positive side weighs more. Anything that is not well managed will bring a negative result. So, people should respect and learn how to use technology in the right way to reduce the negative effects of technology on our health. It is safe to say that technology has been a blessing to us.


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