How Much Do My Coins Weigh?

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  • How much does a quarter weigh?
  • How much does a nickel weigh?
  • How much does a dollar weigh?

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The Tiny-Shiny Coin Story

You must have played with some coins in your childhood. Everyone does. After all who doesn’t like that shiny round currency that makes a little sound when it hits the ground.

And we still like flipping the coins as adults, making them not only worthy of buying us commodities but can also be our playmates when we are getting bored and we have no other entertainment support.

But while doing all this, did your mind had any questions about how much my coin weigh? There are high chances that you have never ever thought about it, but exceptions are always there.

So, for all our exceptional thinkers and regular thinkers your coin weigh chart is ready to be explored by you.

How Much Does A Quarter Weigh?

How Much Does A Quarter Weigh?
How Much Does A Quarter Weigh?

If you think all the coins in your pocket are made of metals, then you are misinformed or are unable to identify different metals.

Some coins are actually made up of silver. Yes! There are high chances that you have a silver coin in your pocket unknowingly.

Do you know that the government decides how much should each currency coin weigh?

 In the American coinage act of 1792, where the government decided the standard weights of different US coins including 25cent piece aka quarter.

From the coinage act of 1792 till the coinage act of 1873 the quarter coin made up of 90% silver and 10% copper used to weigh in between 0.211 and 0.237 ounces.

While the shape, sizes, weight, and metal of the coins have changed several times in the 20th century, the latest change was made in 1965 and since then they have weighted 0.2 ounces with a thickness of 1.75mm and a diameter of 24.66mm.

Not just a change in their weight was made but their metal was also completely changed since then.

The quarter is majorly made up of copper on the inside and nickel on the outside.

Have you ever thought that your life would have been so different without some rattling coins in it? 

The sweets you used to buy in your childhood using coins.

The craft and creativity you do use coins. 

The fact that they can be the prettiest and aesthetic piece of decoration in your drawing room if you give them their spot to shine.

Well, not just all that but coins are actually very low maintenance in comparison to the currency notes. You don’t have to worry about coins getting wet because they are sort of water-resistant and also wind resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about them getting blown away by the wind as well.

In-fact we sometimes use it as a paperweight for our notes as well.

Isn’t it the same case with you too? Low-value currency in front of notes but is also easy to manage. 

Who would have thought about coins like this? Well, we did it! And you too!

And on that note, here’s some more information on other coins you see and use daily.

How Much Does A Nickel Weigh In Grams?

The very first US nickel was known as ‘Half Disme’ which came into existence after the coinage act of 1792.

How Much Does a Nickel Weigh? 

0.02 ounces or 1.20 grams. Initially, nickel coin was made up of 89.25% silver and 10.75% copper.

Today, all US nickel coins or 5 cents coins weigh 0.17 ounces or 5.000 grams since 1965. With 21.21mm of diameter and 1.95mm of thickness, they are made up of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

Yup! Your nickel coins consist of 3/4th of copper and only 1/4th of nickel.

How Much Does A Dollar Weigh?

Do you know that the US dollar is the second largest coin in terms of its physical size, which has minted for circulation with a diameter of 1.043 inches and a thickness of 0.079? 

well, now you do!

The interesting fact about dollar coins is that. In 1974 dollar coins were actually made up of gold and silver, but after a few years, they were not made with a real goal but some other metals were painted like the original gold dollar coin people used to think it is the original dollar coins.

And do you know How Much Does a Half-Dollar Weigh?

The half-dollar coins have been circulating in the States since 1971.

Made up with layers of 75% copper and 25% nickel, the half dollar weighs 11.34 grams and has a diameter of 30.61 mm.

Isn’t it so much interesting and good to know your currency from within? 

Existing for decades, experienced so many changes yet their values haven’t decreased in our lives.

Now, check your pockets and wallets and collect all the coins you have right now. See how many of which coins do you have and since you have the whole information regarding their weight, calculate and find out how many grams or ounces of coins are you having right now.

Great exercise no? Then start doing it right now, reader!


There’s a whole history, research, decision making, and official finalizing behind the weight and size of those tiny shiny coins you carry in your pockets.

Getting information on them is not just interesting but important too. After all, we must know when and which currency came into existence and how it used to look like decades ago!

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