How Kids’ Gut Health Affects Their Immune System

As you research children’s immune health looking for ways to keep your little one safe and protected from potential disease, you may have come across the importance of good gut health. Though many parents might not know about it or give it a second thought, the balance of your child’s microbiome is critical, sometimes acting essentially as an immunity booster for babies and young kids. If you’ve already added Wellements gripe water to your child’s daily routine but want to find out more about maintaining good gut health, it’s important to understand the role that good bacteria can play in immune health.

Your Child’s Microbiome Is Surprisingly Crucial to Mental and Physical Health

The biggest reason to learn about gut health and pay it more attention is because the gut microbiome, also known as the gut flora, plays a surprisingly crucial role in maintaining good mental and physical health. A properly balanced gut helps maintain mood, immunity and more. On the other hand, imbalanced gut flora can lead to negative health consequences like:

  • Poor digestion and gastrointestinal disruptions
  • Low nutrient absorption, leading to lowered immune health
  • Less regular bowel movements
  • Low production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that help stabilize mood and prevent anxiety

Adding Probiotics to the Diet May Help Boost Immunity

Because gut flora can have such a surprisingly wide-reaching effect on overall health, keeping that good bacteria balanced is essential. This means that if your child doesn’t already get enough probiotics through their diet, you may want to consider adding supplements like Wellements probiotic drops in. Common foods that include probiotics are yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and other foods that have undergone some fermentation. If these don’t sound like foods your kid is chowing down on regularly, a supplement could be the easy way to go.

Balanced Gut Health Can Improve Nutrient Absorption and Digestion

Another critical reason gut health is so important to overall wellness is that without balanced gut flora, your child may not be getting as many nutrients out of their diet as you think they are. It may come as a surprise, but gut bacteria are absolutely essential to nutrient absorption, and having a healthy balance can mean taking in more nutrients from food. Additionally, gut health plays a key role in digestion, which can help break down food easier and prevent gastrointestinal discomfort. Without good digestion, your child may take in fewer nutrients, leaving their immune system weaker overall.

Although you probably know all about the balanced diet you should be feeding your child and might even make sure to give them a little orange juice when they’re feeling under the weather, you might never have given a second thought to their gut flora. However, gut health plays a surprisingly critical role in overall mental and physical well being, as well as in some unexpected aspects of health like nutrient absorption rates. In order to make sure your child’s immune system is going strong and at its best, you may want to consult with their pediatrician to see whether you should add probiotics to their routine.

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