How Intrepreneurs Can Help Businesses Improve

While systems in small businesses and startups are flexible, most larger and well established companies have clearly defined systems which employees follow when they do any work which is assigned to them. With advances in business conditions, technology, these systems may not be the most efficient way of getting the work done. Hence the business may not be able to compete with competitors or lose market share. The employees who are using the system for years, may not be able to find any flaws to improve it. Hence the business management may be told that hiring an intrepreneur may help. If the company has not hired an entrepreneur earlier, the management may ask what is an intrepreneur.


The term intrepreneur is a combination of the words internal entrepreneur. Most employees in an organization are hired for doing a specific kind of work, and they get paid a monthly salary for doing the work. There is usually no incentive for the employee to take risk since he is likely to be penalized if he makes mistakes. Yet with changing business conditions, new competitors, startups may find better, more efficient methods to get the problems resolved, to make more profits. Hence the business will hire an intrepreneur as a contractor or freelancer to have a look at business from a fresh perspective, to find the loopholes and flaws in the existing system, make suggestions for improvement


Since the intrepreneur is only hired for identifying the major problems which cause losses, resolving these problems, improving productivity and innovation, he can look at the functioning of the business, its systems from a different perspective. The intrepreneur has usually worked with a large number of organizations earlier, so he can compare the systems which are being used at present by the company, with the best practices he observed, to implement the best practices. This will help in improving the efficiency of the employees, they do not waste their time at the workplace in activities which are non-productive. This will help the company since they can benefit more from the work which they do.

Employee satisfaction

Often the employees are not happy with their manager or others, the work they do or the systems implemented. Also in large companies which pay their employees well, the employees who are not happy, may not complain to the management, since they do not want their career to get affected. However, the resentment will affect the productivity of the employee and relationships with customers, business associates and other employees. Hiring an intrepreneur who will interact with the employees is becoming a popular method for organizations to find out what their employees think about the business, what the management can do to improve the working conditions, and keep their employees happy.

Implementing change

Often companies are not willing to change the existing systems, because they are worried that they will face problems which could affect productivity. The intrepreneur, can explain to the management how the existing systems are adversely affecting the growth of the organization, and implementing changes in systems efficiently, so that there are no glitches.

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