How To Fix High On Life Fatal Error ? [In 4 Simple Steps]

“High On Life” is a captivating game that has garnered a massive following on platforms like Steam and Xbox Game Pass. However, many players have encountered a frustrating issue known as the “High On Life Fatal Error.” This article aims to explore the potential causes of this error and provide comprehensive solutions.

Potential Causes Of The Fatal Error

high on life fatal error
1. Outdated Or Corrupted GPU Drivers
  • Explanation: Having outdated or corrupted GPU drivers can lead to various issues, including fatal errors.
  • Why It’s Crucial: Updated drivers ensure optimal performance and fewer glitches.
2. DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11
  • Explanation: The game runs on DirectX 12 by default, which may not be compatible with all systems.
  • Why It’s Crucial: Using a more stable version of DirectX can prevent the error.
3. Overclocking
  • Explanation: Overclocking your GPU can make the system unstable.
  • Why It’s Crucial: An unstable system is more likely to crash, causing errors like this one.
4. High Frame Rates
  • Explanation: Excessive load on your GPU and CPU due to high FPS can lead to crashes.
  • Why It’s Crucial: Managing frame rates can prevent overloading the system and thus prevent errors.

Solutions To Fix The Error

1. Update/Reinstall GPU Driver

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website to download the latest driver.
  • Launch the downloaded setup file.
  • Agree to terms and conditions.
  • Select custom installation.
  • Perform a clean installation.

2. Force DirectX 11

  • Right-click on “High On Life” in your Steam Library.
  • Navigate to Properties > General.
  • Type -dx11 under Launch Options.
  • Press OK.
  • Launch the game.

3. Disable Overclock

  • Open overclocking software like MSI Afterburner.
  • Revert the GPU to its default clock settings.
  • Save the changes.
  • Restart the game.
  • Check for the error.

4. Limit Max FPS

  • Open the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Navigate to Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings.
  • Select “High On Life” from the list.
  • Enable Max Frame Rate and set a value.
  • Apply the changes.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

1. Fixing UE4-Oregon Error Crash
  • Lower graphics settings during the problematic section.
  • Update your GPU driver.
  • Validate game files.
  • Force DirectX 11.
  • Restart the game.
2. Resolving Crash At Startup
  • Run the game in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.
  • Disable fullscreen optimizations.
  • Delete temporary files stored by Windows.
  • Update GPU drivers.
  • Launch the game again.
3. Tackling DirectX 12 Error Issues
  • Open Steam Library and right-click on “High On Life.”
  • Navigate to Properties > General.
  • Type -dx11 under Launch Options.
  • Press OK.
  • Launch the game.


The “High On Life Fatal Error” can be a significant hindrance, but understanding its potential causes and applying the solutions provided can help you enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Community feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement, so don’t hesitate to share your experiences.

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