Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

Lyrics prank songs for friends

Good songs to prank your crush for the Lyric Prank Songs has become a popular joke for playing and having fun with your friends and family and your crush and loved ones as well. See how completely confused they are with your argument.

This usually begins with a simple word or phrase from the lyrics of the song which may sound like a real test. You keep sending out the song as your friend reacts in little parts of it.

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

The fun is to see if your friend gets caught and then gets frustrated or confused. Whatever it might be, that’ll be fun! Here are some funny lyric prank songs for family and friends of yours.

Texting lyric prank has become a popular joke for your friends and family to play, whether they’re in on it or your tricks are genuinely confusing. It usually starts with a simple word or phrase taken from the song’s lyrics which may sound like a real investigation. If you don’t know how to start, you can ask for help at writing jobz

You tend to write tiny bits of the lyrics to him or her as your friend responds. The fun is seeing if your friend can catch on, or if they’ll get annoyed and/or confused. Whenever it happens, there’s plenty of fun coming out of it! Below are some of the best prank lyric songs to give out to your friends and family.

 Lyric prank when you text your friend, family or other significant lyrics to a song. But all you do is write them down in single sentences, and be cryptic, like: “I’m so in you, I can’t breathe” waiting for their response.

Then type the next verse, “And all I want to do is still falling down “- waiting for a response. The most likely answer will be confusion. For Arianna Grande, the example is “Into You”-just take the lyrics and give your “victim” the email.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen:

This one is ideal for the particular purpose of scaring and having a good laugh out of your girlfriend. Start with the post-intro line, as the words, “Mama, just killed a man” will certainly elicit a shocked response!

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

Perhaps your mother knows the song and wants to play along, but if she doesn’t, you could be in for a fantastically psychotic reaction! The song continues on with dramatic themes and violent imagery, so be sure to let your mother know it’s a joke by the end of it, or she may end up calling the police on you.

Let’s be frank- pranking your significant other is fun! But if you’ve run out of ideas, then you’re wondering “What now?  One latest common prank is the lyrical prank best lyric prank song for friends, family and also your loved ones. You can easily go as cheesy and cute or mad and complicated as you wish with this prank.

The lyric prank is just as it sounds: you give your boyfriend bits and pieces of lyrics, beginning with the song’s first few lines, which will certainly confuse him absolutely. Basically any song will work but we’ve compiled a top-notch list of over great songs to choose from to prank your boyfriend in lyrics. Let’s just have a look!

A lyric prank is a series of texts sent to a certain person using words from the specific song. Much of the joke is to taunt the prospective or be super annoyed by them.

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight:

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

Starting with “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord,” this is an amusing joke of lyrics so he’ll ask what exactly you hear. Followed by “And I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment, my Lord,” you’re going to race his heart quickly.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

An adorable 80s song is all about players and you’ll easily track your boyfriend into believing you’re not supposed to know it. Yet don’t worry – that isn’t the case. Start your joke with “You’re going, here again, you’re saying you want your freedom” and see what he’s got to say.

Lizzo – Truth Hurts 

The latest hit song is nothing more than a catchy tune. It also has some great pranking lyrics which will completely throw off guard your guy. And look at what’s going on.

Usher – Burn it Down

Would you want to see your boyfriend shake his head in confusion? He’s going to think there’s something drastic going on with lyrics like “I don’t understand why, see it’s burning me to hang on to that, I know it’s something I have to do.”

Kehlani – Everything is Yours

This song’s lyrics are intense, and will definitely confuse your boyfriend. When you’re just there, he’ll try to sort it all out, reciting lyrics and laughing hard.

Any lyric prank beginning with “You are my gas, the one wish” is intended for the success of lyric pranking.

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

If you’re looking to taunt your boyfriend with an absolutely cute and romantic music lyric, this music from Arianna Grande is it.

We’ve had access to all of our music at the palm of our hands since the dawn of the digital era. We took our knowledge of the songs with that, and pranked a lot of people with them. A lyric prank in texting is essentially giving somebody the lyrics to a song and seeing how they react. There have been some classic songs that people still fell for and here are some of my personal favorites.

When it comes to pranking people this is the perfect tune. The song has been used for pranking people since the dawn of the internet. The lyrics for a texting prank are great and you can start almost anywhere in the album. Nearly everyone will catch on to the joke in a few lines and you can all have a good laugh. If you want to test the waters with some of your mates, find this one as being almost universal first and everyone will enjoy this joke.

Adele – Hello

This is actually a classic lyric prank song, because any songs that start with ‘Hello’ would make him believe you’re just having a nice conversation-nothing else!

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

The text prank lyric starts from “Hi … it’s me … I wonder if after all those years you will talk …” As you can see, a long line of messages would most probably help to see how long you have to get to know what’s going on with your mate. This is a perfect song for a texting prank because the lyrics are obscure enough that people wouldn’t think you’re referencing a song right away, but they’re recognizable enough that someone will catch on fairly fast.

Text Pranking Family! – Songs

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

This is another classic song that everyone will pick on after a couple of lines are sent back and forth. The song begins with “I’m going to have a really nice time tonight, I feel alive and the world turns inside out.” As you can see, it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to scare your friends, it sounds like a series of sweet texts that you want a nice one.

This is one of my personal favorites for some of my friends pranking email. This is good for you if you know somebody in a relationship. The lyrics go: I know that he’s just not right for you … So you’re wasting your whole time.

In this case, incorrect. I know I am better than he would handle you. Clearly, when you give them this, you can really mess with your mates, and see how they react. Most people just don’t understand the joke and are very confused about what you’re looking at. With this album, I’ve seen a lot of funny pranks and I really enjoy seeing all of the funny reactions.

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

You will certainly have a lot of fun when messaging your friends or family with the lyrics of an album. These are just some of the many songs out there that work in virtually any friend’s situation. Make sure you leave some of your personal favorite songs with a message and let us know how the pranks are going! Happy pranking of the text message!

After ending it with a girlfriend or husband, experiencing heartbreak or envy is a common human emotion, and that’s why so many pop songs are about deadbeat lovers. Here are the thirteen best songs for breaking up. Some are humorous, others are painfully true, but what connects all of them is the poetry of how they convey the sense of pride that we inevitably feel after a break-up, no matter how much it hurts when we go through that.

Texting pranks to play on your unsuspecting friends – Everybody has a phone on them, which means you’re lucky, they’re all vulnerable to a classic lyric prank text message.

Since the advent of technology the art of pranking has seen a lot of growth — but the days of prank phone calls or farting noise devices are long gone. Sorry to break it for you, but it won’t be cut by the same old jokes anymore.

Text prank songs:

This texting funny lyric has been going around on social media for a while, but tends to come back because sometimes the results are so sweet. Choose a song, any song — ideally one with questions or short sentences — and find a poor soul, one by one, in your contact list to slowly text lyrics to.

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank
Good Songs For The Lyric Prank

We all like to give our boyfriends dirty little messages, every now and then. While sexting can be fun and exciting at the same time, why not take things up with a knot? Set the mood by getting some sexy song lyrics sent to him! Time to break those old, boring sexual ways, and get him in the mood with them for fun. Here are sexy song lyrics you should text to turn your boyfriend on NOW!

Whether you’re looking for a prelude to something big or just want some fun, our boyfriend song lyrics list will give you something for every mood!

You will definitely enjoy sending messages with the text of an album to your friends or family or loved ones or your crush. Here are some of the other songs that work in almost all humorous scenarios. Make sure some of your personal favorite songs’ lyrics leave a message and tell us how the aromas are going!

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