Getting Drafted into the NFL; here are the Rules

Bets on the NFL on platforms like Sloto make up almost half of the wagers placed in the US. Provided betting is legal in your state, you can place wagers on one of the most popular US Football events, the NFL draft.

The NFL draft was created to enhance the competitiveness of teams to set the tone for choosing the best players. Before that, players were picked depending on hearsay or other basic evidence of ability.

For a long time, the eligibility of drafting players has been a topic of debate, with the need to clarify the requirements players must meet to be drafted. NFL fans look forward to the annual player draft every spring to determine if their favorite players will join the league.

While there are thousands of players lined up for the NFL openings, only about 300 openings are available. So what does a player need to make it to the topmost level of the sport?

How Drafting Works

The draft features seven rounds where 32 NFL teams get automatic picks in each of the rounds. The NFL draft event lasts three days.

The team selection representatives are assigned tables at the venues from where they contact decision-making executives at their headquarters. They also give the NFL staff communication on their selection before it is announced to the world.

During the first round, the teams get 10 minutes each to make their selection. In the second round, they get seven minutes. The teams get five minutes from the third to the sixth round; in the seventh round, they get four minutes.

Suppose the time expires before a team makes a selection, they are allowed to submit their pick. This would, however, allow the other teams to make their selections before them. This means the team has to be timely to pick the best talents.

How Many Selections do the Teams Have?

As mentioned, each of the 32 teams in the NFL draft is allowed to make a pick in all seven rounds. NFL also allocates 32 compensatory selections from the third to the seventh round. The compensatory picks can be traded.

Some teams get the compensatory picks, and others don’t. The teams also get different picks in trades, and others join the draft with several selections at their disposal. Therefore, the selections of the 32 teams may vary.

What is the NFL Draft Pool?

Teams have the freedom to select anyone they want. Some teams have drafted players with no football experience. The majority of players that the teams will draft played football in college.

However, underclass players are usually not allowed in the draft.

For underclass players to enter the draft, three college football seasons must pass since their high school graduation. This essentially means the majority of second and first-year students are not drafted. Important to note also is that once players confirm they want to be in the draft, they cannot go back to play college football.

How do Teams Choose Who to Draft

One thing about NFL drafting is that it offers no guarantee for players to join NFL. Teams rely so much on the NFL draft to pick the best possible talents for their lineups.

They make their decisions depending on the scouting reports they get. More so, they can identify talent in NFL-sponsored events. The events allow the teams to evaluate the abilities of their prospects across the country.

Player Eligibility

Only eligible players are allowed into the NFL draft. Players must have stayed out of high school for a minimum of three years. They should also have relinquished their college eligibility before the next college season kicks off.

Some underclassmen graduate before using up their college eligibility and request approval to join the draft early. You could try the same approach if you are in this category.

NFL Personnel staff members conduct due diligence on draft prospects by researching their college backgrounds and working with NCAA compliance departments to verify the prospects’ information. The personnel staff members also check the college all-star games roster to ensure only eligible players are in the games.

The players announce their intention to join the NFL draft, and the NFL Personnel staff confirms the eligibility of the players by collaborating with different stakeholders.

NFL Draft Picks Order

The draft selection order in the NFL depends on the final standing of the previous season. Essentially this means the worst team is allowed to make the first pick in all the rounds. On the other hand, the previous season’s Super Bowl winner gets to pick last in each of the seven rounds.

How Can You be Eligible for the NFL?

If you love American football and dream of playing in the National Football League, you should start working to position yourself as a strong player. If possible, start training even before joining high school. Most players, however, start training and build their exposure and experience in high school.

Start training and working to join the NFL draft when you get to college. It is important to remember that the chances of playing for the NFL are narrow. Therefore, you should consider taking training seriously and letting your college counselor know your intentions to play for the NFL.


NFL teams spend a lot of time and resources evaluating potential talent to play for their team. The NFL draft allows the teams to build their team identity. For players to be allowed to join the NFL draft, they must meet several eligibility requirements.

Players looking to play in the NFL should research, understand how the NFL draft works, and establish how they can position themselves.


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