Get Your Rooms with the Help of Room Reservation Software

If you are responsible for managing a hotel, resort or other type of hospitality business, then you know that the process of booking reservations can be both time-consuming and frustrating. Room reservation software is designed to help streamline this process by automating it as much as possible. This blog post will provide an overview of room reservation software and how it can improve your bottom line!

Room scheduling software is designed with the needs of hospitality professionals in mind. This means that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any programming knowledge, so you don’t need a developer on staff!

Room reservation software can be customized for your specific business model – meaning less time spent adjusting settings or customizing features. For example, if you only offer one type of room per night then there isn’t going to be much point in configuring every possible combination of rooms at different price points as an option within the system. If this sounds like what interests you most about room reservation software then read on!

The graphical user interface (GUI) design tools allow novices to get started without needing company approval or external help. It has a drag and drop style interface which allows you to quickly create user friendly interfaces without any programming knowledge.

Room reservation software can be customised easily, but it’s not just about the look of your app – it also features advanced backend management tools that save time for those with administrative responsibilities. For example, room availability is automatically tracked by date range or price point so there are no manual checks needed every day!

The website dashboard gives managers insight into how rooms are being booked on their site as well as what customers like best via feedback surveys from within the booking process itself. This saves everyone involved in running an accommodation business plenty of hours each week because customer service staff don’t need to hunt around for data elsewhere anymore.

Room reservation software is a great way to attract customers and make sure they’re satisfied too. It’s easy for accommodation owners to customise the app, so that it matches their business branding in seconds! With its advanced design features, managers can now set up an email marketing campaign from within the browser (no plug-ins needed). This means staff are free to focus on maintaining customer relationships while still getting feedback reports automatically – every day if required.

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Check availability and rates – Reserve a room for your customer in seconds, with one click. You can also choose to pay by credit card or have the guest send us their details separately (email address) so you can process an invoice more easily. With its state of the art features and complete integration into popular booking sites such as, Expedia & TripAdvisor, we pride ourselves on providing hoteliers with tools that are both easy to use but comprehensive at the same time! We’ve been developing solutions like this since 2003, and now offer over 500 clients Australia wide including some of Sydney’s most iconic hotels: Double Bay Hotel | Oaks Mariner Resort | The Quay | The George Sydney.

Room scheduling software – Get your rooms with the help of room reservation software!

Hotel management and booking – Booking websites like Expedia & TripAdvisor make it easier than ever to book hotel reservations, but when you’re juggling different properties across multiple locations there’s one thing that can get in the way: managing all those details on a spreadsheet or other word processor document. That’s where our room reservation software comes into play! With its state of the art features and complete integration into popular booking sites such as, Expedia & TripAdvisor, we pride ourselves on providing hoteliers with tools that are both easy to use but comprehensive at the same time! We’ve been helping hoteliers for years to make their lives easier and we know that our room reservation software will do the same for you.

Room scheduling – Our comprehensive suite of features is designed to meet any need, from timekeeping & calendar management to detailed reporting on occupancy rates or nightly revenue. The best part about it? It’s all available with just a few clicks! With realtime datafeeds straight into your system, booking availability instantly at your fingertips and automated email reminders being sent out, there’ll be no more lost business due to double bookings ever again! We’ve got answers for every question you could have so don’t hesitate in getting in touch today.


Tired of spending too much time on the phone with customers and managing back-office operations? Room reservation software can take care of both for you. Contact our team today to see how room reservation software could save your business hours every week!

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