Finding Convenience In Organizing Your PDF Files After The Conversion

Gogopdf offers your files’ conversion from and to PDF, and having these kinds of tools is indeed convenient for your part for not downloading any unwanted software that could endanger your PC. But it doesn’t limit only to that. It is essential and convenient for your part if your files and documents are organized well. Gogopdf offers to optimize and manage your files, making sure you can make the most of your docs and put them together nicely and tidy. 

Aside from the conversions from and to PDF, you can do other essential things with your files with Gogopdf too. They offer to organize your files and documents there. If you have various types of files, you may want to manage them to keep them all in check. Arranging your files and documents with Gogopdf has never been easier. It only requires basic instructions, easy to learn steps, and then you can merge, split, or even compress PDFs.

Gogopdf’s PDF Merge Tool

Having various types of files and documents scattered around your computer can really be demotivating and confusing. Did you know that you can organize everything with only a handful of clicks? A lot of PDF files and documents can be organized using Gogopdf’s PDF merge online, and you can use Gogopdf’s merge tool and put two or more PDF’s into one single document. You can never be more organized and get your PC’s contents tidied up.

Piling up multiple PDF files into one single document with Gogopdf’s merger is so easy. The first step is to choose the PDF files that you want to merge from your device, or you can drag your files and drop them at the toolbox. After the process, Gogopdf will now process your files. It only takes a few minutes, and after the merge, you can directly download and save your new PDF on your device, or you can even share it on all your social media accounts. Easy.

Gogopdf’s PDF Split Tool

With Gogopdf, splitting up your PDF files is so fast and easy. Imagine working on a monthly report, and after relaying them, you get a reply asking you to remove some of the items. With Gogopdf’s PDF split tool, you can scan over the pages and remove whatever’s necessary, and it will only take minutes, giving you a lot of time to finish other agendas. With this split tool, you can split, edit, and divide your PDFs quickly and easily in minutes, with just a few clicks.


Gogopdf’s quick and efficient split tool can effortlessly snap a massive PDF into separate, smaller files. To begin with the split function, you need to upload your PDF file from your device. After, you’ll have the option of how you want to divide your PDF before starting the extraction. Wait for the process while Gogopdf separates your PDF files into how you wanted them. After the split, you can now download your new PDF and save them to your device. 

Gogopdf’s PDF Compressor

Data breaches and losses are becoming more active and common these days, most especially in this tech-savvy world. It has become so bad that we hear them even from big companies getting hacked now and then. With these kinds of things happening around us, we tend to be extra careful regarding the security of sending files and documents to our recipients. 

When we’re talking about sending files, and we want them to be secured, you can never go wrong with sending them as PDF. Formatted as PDF, you can put a password on it for extra protection, safer than other formats. If you want to compress your PDF files and documents into smaller, email ready sizes, Gogopdf’s PDF compressor will do the magic trick for you. It’s easier and convenient to upload compressed PDFs because they take up less storage space.

If any of those interests you, don’t take the words for it. To begin compressing your PDF files and documents, select the PDF that you want to reduce its file size and upload it from your device to the PDF compressor. After the file upload, Gogopdf will start the process of compressing your file. Compressing your files may take a few minutes. After the process is completed, you can now download your compressed PDF file. Convenient, right?


These web-based organizing tools are so helpful and will indeed take off most of the workload when you’re in a rush, and if you want your files to be secured. They are essential when you need to edit and modify your PDF files. Gogopdf merge, split, and compressor tools have never been so convenient and hassle-free. You will also have more extra time to do other related stuff with your work. Isn’t it interesting? Experience it for yourself now, for free!


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