Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas

As you are starting your own fashion company, it can be very challenging to name a business. You may have come up with some unique trends and designs, but if you don’t catch the audience’s attention then all of your efforts will go in vain. There are big players in the industry already and it is not that easy to compete with them.

Instead of simply having a name on your business card, the company does. It is the identity that differentiates you online and offline from others. It gives sense to your company, it helps shape opinion and it promotes growth. 

This offers you the opportunity to make a first impression, and as we know not everyone gets a second chance to leave a lasting impression. Then, choosing a positive, articulate, and unforgettable business name for your fashion company becomes imperative.

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Fashion Company Name Ideas:

Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas
Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas

So it is important to come up with ideas for the name of a fashion company that quickly attracts attention and generates attention on social media platforms.

Blue Chic Forester Flannels Company Form Fashion Bear Fashion Kin
Outfit Archive Chickadee Ideas Misfits Name Icon Fashion Bunker
Fresh Wear Hilltop Company Duchess Company Decadent Ideasio
Destiny Intimates Mimosa Name Modish Fashion Roll Ideas Fierce
Seam and Zipper Cuba Cut Name Pop Company Void Name Street
See Ever Ark & Co. Name Cave Ideas Style Companytastic
Blueberi Alythea Namewind Fashion Voluptuous Name Flip
Pink Grapes 24 Karat Clothing Name Clan Name Kin
Company Pavement
Company Siren Ideas Above Fashion Keep Fashion Street Name Crooks
Name Snug Fashion Donna Ideas Runway Fashzen Ideas Ample

Your fashion brand name is more than just a name at a marketplace where design and style are so relevant. It’s just as critical that you market the designer labels.

Everyone needs fashion, and many people who share a fashion love have no fear of investing a pretty penny to make them look beautiful. This is why the apparel industry is the ideal industry for just the right person (you) to get into!

Creative fashion Business names Ideas

Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas
Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas

When well selected, the name will set a tone and convey a sense of character and personality. This can also help you stand out from your rivals and create a bond with your clients.

Bailey 44 OC Avenue Outskirt Creative Bones Ideas
Voluptuous Fashion
Glyder Pumpkin Clothing Co. Aces Ideas Creatively Prominent Ideas
Heartloom Hunny Bunny Baby Exhibit Fashion Dud Creative Fly Fashion
Chantelle Tater Tots Plush Creative Class Business Swag Ideas
Seychelles Sugarplum Society Ideas Laced Creative Notch Creative
Pas De Deux Season’s Play Fashverse Curvy Creative Creative Bea
Classy Missy Doodles Clue Names Swanky Ideas Apparel Creative
Luna Boutique Passion Petals Salt Ideas Angora Creative Blend Fashion
Superb Creative Curvaceous Names Figure Fashion Garment Ideas Businessify
Businessoryx Companyhut Namlance Closet Fashion Flex Creative

This can be quite a challenge to think of brandable business names in fashion. That’s all right! It isn’t something you want to hurry into as it needs to be as perfect as the clothes you’re going to make. Why can you come up with good names for the fashion company?

Unique fashion Company Names

Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas
Unique Fashion Companies Name Ideas

A unique and recognizable name can make a huge difference for a company-whether it’s a women’s boutique or a menswear specialist, a clothing line, or a wholesale brand name a great brand name can elevate a product to a real value brand.

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Artiste Accessories The Style Studio Corner Unique Tenor Company Current Names
Blitz Fashion Comet Couture Universe Companyzen Uniquehut
Starlight Clothing Alluretrend Companyster Roll Unique Skeg Unique
Urbane Designs Spellbound Clothing Company Pop Unique Collusion Company Drape Fashion
Pinnacle Fashion FreshFashion Bear Company Uniqueella Style Names
Heritage Fashion Hub BeYou Vagabond Unique Suave Names Flip Fashion
CityHotGurls Legacy Topic Names Nifty Fashion Slay Names
Menzel Qupid Manner Company Tuck Names Notch Company
Queen’s Couture Fahrenheit Drip Unique Closet Unique Fax
Valley Green Mystree Covert Unique Snug Company Mode Fashion

The most critical part of the market when it comes to running your own clothing company is building up the name. Without a name, people won’t know your clothes and can confuse you for a generic clothing company. Choosing a good name in this industry is truly critical.


When they start a new company every business owner has a different journey. Some tend to check their names, some just go with their gut feeling, and some very quickly call their company without any preparation or analysis. A company startup isn’t an activity. It is a process that takes a great deal of planning and analysis. Take your time, instead of taking hasty decisions, and start concentrating on the facts.

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