European Formula, Wholesome Nutrition in a Bottle.

When it comes to your little one, nothing but the absolute best is good enough. With this in mind, many parents choose to invest in European baby formula over other brands of baby formula that are available on the market today.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is all the hype and excitement concerning? Is European baby formula superior in comparison to other baby formulas? And is the higher cost worth it? Once you learn more about European baby formulas and do your research, you will conclude your answers will be yes, yes, and YES!

Although many baby formulas claim to offer the best nutrition for your little one, when you take a deeper look at their ingredients and do your research, you may not agree with these claims of this being the best nutrition you can offer your little one. Especially in this day and age, we have so many more options to choose from for our little one, no matter the age or unique condition.

Once you compare European baby formulas, it will be apparent why many parents make the switch or choose European baby formulas from the start over any other baby formulas available on the market today.

What Makes the European Baby Formula Better than the Rest?

Ingredients will make the truth surface when comparing what’s in European baby formulas and other baby formulas available on the market today. You will find that different baby formulas bought widely by many parents contain corn syrup and fructose, GMOs, preservatives, pesticides, and artificial additives. Many of these ingredients will only create more harm than good in your little one’s development over a healthy lifestyle.

European baby formulas have a higher nutritional value than other baby formulas available on the market today. The first difference between the two is that The European Commission, like the FDA, sets requirements for the nutritional composition, food safety, and labeling of infant formula, among other baby foods across the EU. The regulations of The European Commission are much stricter in comparison to the FDA, which explains why many of the European baby formulas are much better in nutritional value overall and come as close to mimicking breast milk.

As parents, we all know that breast milk is always superior and the best option overall that you can offer your little one. When this is not possible, we try to find our next best solution. This is when European baby formula comes into play and becomes a lifesaver, no matter what your reason might be when searching for the next best alternative for your little one.

Since European baby formulas are the closest thing to resembling breast milk, this is a good indication of why so many babies love it. Not only do they love it, but they also benefit from wholesome nutrition. European formulas only use the best ingredients in natural foods, never adding any harmful chemicals, fillers, or altered ingredients.

The European Commission provides parents with only wholesome nutrition that goes above and beyond in considering every aspect of what is contained in your little one’s nutrition. European baby formulas will never contain sucrose and fructose, GMOs, hormones, or steroids used on animals or added into the formula; you will not find any preservatives or synthetic ingredients at any point in the process. All these bad ingredients are banned from European baby formulas, which is why European brands are more trusted than other baby formulas available on the market. Also, all European baby formulas must undergo rigorous checks pertaining to the source of all the ingredients, to ensure that the final product is completely free from pesticides and GMOs.

Additionally, what is included in European baby formulas has continually evolved as more is discovered about the properties of breast milk. As of recently, in 2020, The European Commission required that all baby formulas that are manufactured for babies ranging from birth to twelve months must contain an essential fatty acid called DHA that is known to promote brain health. Also, The European Commission required for L-Carnitine to be added to formulas that contain hydrolyzed proteins, as this helps the metabolism.

Many of the European baby formulas include amino acids like tyrosine and tryptophan. They also often have probiotics and prebiotics as immunity-boosting healthy microbes. For example, galacto-oligosaccharides are very similar to breast milk oligosaccharides. The natural lactobacillus known in breast milk, along with other types of lactic acid bacteria, are important for your growing baby’s health.

Another difference worth mentioning is that European baby formula uses lactose, as it’s a primary source of carbohydrates, which is also found naturally in breastmilk. Unfortunately, other baby formulas contain little to no lactose at all. On the contrary, The European Commission requires that 30% or more of the total carbohydrates in the baby formula must come from lactose.

Whey is also added to some European baby formulas to make the protein ratios similar to the proportions of whey and casein found naturally in breastmilk. So when looking for the best quality in baby formula that is the most similar to breast milk, look no further, as European baby formula checks all the boxes. Since it is organic and made with wholesome ingredients, it has many of the same properties and nutrients you would find when comparing it to breastmilk.


Lastly, European baby formulas are free of sugars, chemicals, and other additives that are so common on many of the different baby formulas offered on the market today. European baby formula meets all the needs of your growing little one to help them develop and thrive from the beginning of their life journey.

You will be providing them with wholesome nutrition filled with probiotics and other natural ingredients to benefit your little ones and help them flourish in every developmental stage without all the harmful additives. Thanks to the stricter legislation in Europe, we can see the results in cleaner, healthier organic baby formula.. Which only provides pure, wholesome nutrition to your little one, and nothing else could beat that! So what next? Let’s focus on your health; here are natural ways to improve your mental health.

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