Economists say Google searches may be a useful tool in coronavirus

An economist and big data expert wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times on Sunday saying that Google search terms may help health officials determine the next hotspot for the Coronavirus.

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Seth Stephens-Davidoffitz, a great data scientist, explained that searches for I can’t smell better in states like Louisiana as well as New York last week, two of the most horrible affected states in the United States.

It is widely known that loss of taste and smell is a leading indicator of coronavirus infection.

Economists say Google searches may be a useful tool in coronavirus
Economists say Google searches may be a useful tool in coronavirus

Stephens Davidowitz noted that Ecuadorians are “carrying out research related to odor loss more than any other country in the world.”

Do internet for no puedo oler ( I can’t smell ) is approximately ten times advanced for every Google search in Ecuador than it is in Spain, though Ecuador formally reports more than ten times the cases of COVID-19 per capita who wrote Spain is doing that.

He wrote that my eyes are wounded were high searches in Spain last February and countries that were severely affected by the virus. He pointed out that there are reports that coronary patients have complained of eye problems.

The coronavirus has infected 1.2 million people worldwide and killed about 70,000. There is no treatment or vaccine for the virus, so health officials insisted that the public exercise “social spacing”.

There are many elements around the virus that are still annoying, such as why it is deadly in some cases and not accompanied by symptoms in others. The possibility that Google Search early gives governments’ early knowledge of where the virus might infect may then be valuable in practicing early quarantine.

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Stephens Davidoffitz admitted that just because my eyes hurt is increasing in these cases, this is not evidence, but he writes, “Research data provide suggestive evidence that eye pain can be a symptom of the disease. However, it may only affect a small portion of patients COVID-19.

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