DSSSB Fire Operator: Why Is This Job Post Full Of Adventure and Excitements?

Have you ever been excited about huge fire trucks, test water hoses, fire extinguishers? If yes, then you must try your luck applying for a Fire-Operator job post. Someone has rightly said that you should go with a job, which goes with your interests. For this job post, only male candidates can apply.

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Fire Operators are counted as heroes since they perform duty risking their own lives. This job post is full of adventure and excitement too. If you cannot go with a sitting and boring job, this one’s for you. DSSSB means Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board that introduces a lucrative job post called “Fire Operator” to candidates who have always been wanted to cater under DFS. Do you want to know about DSSSB Fire Operator Salary? It comes between 4digits to 5 digits along with handsome grade pay of INR 2K following the Group C norms. Let’s check out more about this job profile in a detailed manner.

What You Need To Be Good At Being A Fire Operator – 

Being a Fire Operator, you will have to be good at driving vehicles. Driving heavy vehicles or fire trucks will be part of your job. If you hold an interest in doing these things then you will truly enjoy all these duties as well as the responsibilities of being a Fire Operator. 

You will also be trained and introduced to various types of machinery related to your job. You will get aware of how a test water works once you are hired. What is all about different types of pumps and how they work will be a part of your training. A Fire Operator will also learn how to assist a sick or injured person. You also require to get trained in swimming and diving so that you can save yours and other lives too. If you keep performing great in your service, you will be promoted to a higher position after a sophisticated period. You will also clear the exam to show your ability. 

You will also be responsible to keep all equipment and types of machinery to be cleaned and maintained so that they can go longer. Your seniors can also deploy on the job to supervise and prepare inspection reports of specific properties to make sure that they are safe to work or to live. Moreover, you might be assigned the task to ensure that particular buildings are going with fire regulations and laws or not.

Apart from it, you need to ensure that a standardized accountability system is being followed or not. The responsibilities of a fire operator are more than what we generally think or contemplate. 

What Skills You Need To Have – 

Here, we are going to mention what skills you require to be good at indeed. The most prominent ones have been added below. Let us check it out – 

  • The next thing is that you should also work on your decision-making skills since sometimes you need to be quite quick to make the right decision. 
  • Your physical stamina needs to be good for this job profile. Go with an ideal diet and exercise to maintain your physical fitness. 
  • Since this job is full of unexpected moments, you should be good at responding quickly along with remaining calm. 
  • A Fire Operator needs to be good at communication. More, you also need to focus on making your teamwork skills.
  • Being a fire operator, you also need to accumulate practical skills in operating and going with tools.
  • This job post also requires a candidate to be self-disciplined. You need to keep a close eye on what is happening around you without getting distracted. 
  • Since you are on the responsible job post, you need to have adhered to instructions as well as regulations. 
  • You need to be braveheart as sometimes-unexpected things can come across to you, which demand you to take initiative while rescue operations are being done. 
  • Also,  you need to enhance your proficiency at preparing incident reports adding details. 

This job post is full of excitement and adventure since you will be portraying a real-life hero to save lives. This job is not easy at all but full of adventure and excitement. You need to do different things to give your best to your job.  

In The Last – 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and apply for this job post to get into your favorite career. Hope the above-mentioned information helped to clear all your doubts and encourages you to keep going on ahead. 

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