Dr. Frank Roach Shares Some Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

Having healthy teeth and gum takes a lot of care. Even though you are told you have better and clean teeth, it is important to take proper steps daily to take the right care and prevent any problems. It involves buying the best oral care products and staying mindful of your everyday habits. Here are the top 10 best practices shared by Dr. Frank Roach for maintaining healthy teeth.

1) Brushing for dental health

Dental health starts with clean teeth. Make sure you clean the area properly where your teeth meet the gums and that will prevent several gum diseases, and keeping the tooth surfaces clean will help you get rid of the cavities & gum disease.

2) Brush daily two twice a day

While brushing your teeth, never rush. Take 2 minutes to do the complete job. Never brush right after your meal, particularly if you ate something acidic like soda or grapefruit. Don’t forget cleaning your tongue that harbors bacteria, with the tongue scraper or toothbrush.

3) Use fluoride

Make sure you use fluoride paste that comes from the element in the earth’s soil called fluorine. Experts believe that fluoride-based toothpaste helps to prevent cavities, and this is the common ingredient found in toothpaste & mouthwash. But, some dental products don’t have fluoride, and many people don’t use it.

4) Do not sleep without brushing

It is not any secret that the general recommendation is brushing twice a day. Still, most of the people continue neglecting their brushing routine at night. However, brushing before bed will get rid of germs & plaque that accumulate the entire day in your mouth.

5) Flossing is equally important as brushing

People who are regularly brushing their teeth and neglect flossing. “Flossing isn’t just we get the little pieces of food that can be stuck in between the teeth. It is one way to stimulate your gums, decrease plaque, as well as help to lower inflammation in an area.

Dr. Frank Roach Shares Some Best Practices for Healthy Teeth
Dr. Frank Roach Shares Some Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

6) Get tooth tartar removed.

The tooth tartar is a product of minerals that come from saliva & foods, which accumulate in the plaque around your teeth. This has the yellowish-brown color & cannot get removed with the toothbrush. The dental plaque & tartar can cause periodontal disease, which includes inflammation of the bone surrounding your teeth. Tartar will become hard as a rock, and becoming removable by the dental hygienist or dentist with the special tools.

7) Always do mouthwash

There are many ads that make mouthwash seem essential for good dental health, but there are many people who skip them as they do not know how it works. Mouthwash will help you in three ways: This reduces acid in your mouth, cleans tough to reach areas around the gums, and finally re-mineralizes your teeth.

8) Take proper care of the gums.

Suppose your gums are very weak and do not have a good blood supply, then it will lead to periodontitis. With such disease, the gums bleed, get soft and inflamed, and reveal oral necks. And you may lose your teeth. In order to make the gums stronger, you have to massage it with the toothbrush and finger with the circular movements. Make sure your chew food thoroughly. Rinse and gargle your mouth with a salt solution.

9) Reduce sugary foods & starches

Having sugar will lead to cavities. It has been highlighted by many studies that sugar plays an important role in adverse oral health outcomes. The most common culprits include desserts and candy, but even processed foods have added sugar. It is recommended that people reduce their sugar intake to below 10% of their daily calories.

Better try to monitor and maintain your calorie intake. The experts have stated that the starchy foods, like bread, crackers, chips, or pasta, will cause tooth decay. It is stated that all these foods will linger in your mouth as well as break down into simple sugars, where acid-forming bacteria feed. The acid will cause tooth decay. Rather than starchy foods, it is recommended to eat a lot of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits and dairy products without any sugar.

10) Stop smoking

One main culprit of the gum disease & tooth decay generally originates from chewing tobacco or smoking that weakens the teeth, stains it, and also causes bad breath.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best practices that you need to apply in your daily life to have healthy and strong teeth.

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