Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome

There are several issues with the Discord application. However, the most common which many might have come across is discord stream no sound, discord screen share no audio chrome mac, Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome android while you attempt to share your screen.

Are you amongst those who are facing the same and want to know how to share audio on discord? If yes, then you need not worry, today we’re gonna see some solution to this Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome popular issue that might help you overcome it.

So, let’s move ahead and see what they are, but before this, have a go through on all edges that we are gonna touch-

Methods To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome Issue:

Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome

Update To A Recent Version Of The Application Manually

Initially, just try to get access to the most recent version of the application while you try to overcome the issue. Updating the application may solve the problem as the issue might have been generated due to an older version.

To manually update the application you need to follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to press the Windows + R button on the keypad, or else if you find this tough, you could simply go to start and search “Run”.
  • Open “Run”.
  • Then, you’ll have to put %localappdata% in the run command or just copy and paste it there and click OK.
  • Find Discord and click it.
  • Then, press Update.exe, which will start the update to the recent version of the application.Now, hold on until the application is updated to the recent version, subsequent to the completion, reopen the application to check if the problem has been solved through this process or not. In case, you’re still stuck with the issue, move ahead and try another solution given below.

Press On The “ADD IT” Button:

As per our reports, this method has proved to be the frontrunner amongst all others. In this process, you’ll have to manually add the app in which you’re having a problem with audio while sharing your screen into discord.

As per our knowledge, the app can sense the application or game the user is using. So, as soon as you share the screen, the app will by itself grasp the audio.

For this solution to begin, you’ll have to go to the Game Activity page of the application.

So, let’s not waste our time and move ahead:

  • Firstly, you’ll have to open the discord application, make sure your mic is switched ON. However, in case your mic is unable to work with the application, then you’ll have to find another solution to this issue.
  • Then, press User Settings.
  • Then, you’ll come across a list of options on the sidebar, open the Game Activity.
  • In this section, you’ll spit a tiny blue-colored text button with “Add it” composed on it. This button will be adjacent to Not seeing your game? Option. Press it.
  • Then, you’ll see a dropdown list in which you’ll have to press on the dropdown option and choose the app in which the audio is not working while sharing the screen eg: Steam, media player, and several others. Try out the Google chrome option it has worked out for many. We ourselves had attempted the same and it was a great success.

Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome

Note: There are few warnings before you perform the fifth step, be sure that you are not operating the discord application as an administrator. Moreover, ensure that the apps in the list are also turned off before you perform the step.

And finally, just to be on the safer side, remove Google chrome and add the same again in the dropdown menu. Above mentioned are some of the instructions shared by one of the users who had come across the same issue.

After you are done with all the steps, close all and test the issue. If the issue is still present, ensure that you have switched ON the enable in-game overlay setting and try once again.

If, in case you don’t know how to enable in-game overlay, follow these steps:

Go to User Setting.
Through the sidebars, choose the Overlay setting.
And then turn ON the enable in-game overlay.

End ShadowPlay That Is Operating In The Background:

Presently, recognized an Nvidia share, earlier came to know publically to permit computers with NVIDIA hardware to capture the gameplay for streaming the same and furthermore, retains an FPS (frames per second) counter. In case you don’t know about the hardware, what you can do is go and check this in your PC’s properties.

Remember that, it is not necessary that your computer may have NVIDIA share if it has NVIDIA hardware configuration. To check the same you can enter the taskbar and go to the NVIDIA Graphics setting.

There are several problems pertaining to this NVIDIA hardware, but the most common is that along with the decreased game performance, it also impacts the screen sharing ability of Discord. Hence, it gives rise to several videos as well as audio difficulties.

You need not worry, we’ll be helping you through to cease the function of NVIDIA share for a while and check if this solves the problem. You just need to follow few instructions:

You’ll need to discover the NVIDIA setting and cease the NVIDIA share’s function that is being operated in the background.

  • On your computer, navigate to the Start menu, and then find “GeForce Experience”, open it as soon as you discover it in the lists.
  • Then, in the GeForce Experience application, press Settings in the top-right region.
  • Then through the general section, you can spot a SHARE setting, that is based at the bottom. You just have to switch it OFF and it will get disabled.
  • Once you are done with the process, just restart the Discord application and try sharing screen to check if this method has helped you out or not.
  • Hope that one of these methods may have solved your problem regarding the discord audio issue while sharing your screen.

Erase Discord Cache As Well As Roaming Data:

Many have found this an effective way to tend to this issue. By erasing the cache as well as roaming data, one might have their problem solved. In case you don’t know how to erase it. Follow these instructions:

Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome

  • Initially, close the app entirely in case you are operating it. This step is pretty crucial as they all might be running in the background.
  • Note: As said, ensure that the app isn’t operating jn the background. You could check this through the task manager and then by going into processes.
  • Moving on, press the Windows Start button, and open the run command once again.
  • Then after opening the run command, put %appdata% in the run search bar and press OK.
  • In the list that comes up after entering the command, search for the discord file. As soon as you have discovered it, right-click on it and erase it by clicking on delete.
  • The final step is to shut down your PC and start again, and as soon as your computer starts, open Discord again.

Reinstall The Audio Driver For Your PC

Audio drivers are utilized by our OS to communicate with sound devices. While, if you haven’t updated this driver for a very long time, it may cause an issue.

  • It’s best if you keep on updating the same at regular intervals. However, if you fail to do so, you could install the latest version of the audio driver by following simple instructions:Open the run command by pressing Windows + R.
  • Then, put devmgmt.msc in the search bar and press OK.
  • After this, you’ll see another window popping out named Device Manager. In that window, you have to look for audio inputs as well as output options.
  • As soon as you spit the two, right-click on these options and remove them by clicking on uninstall.
  • Then just right-click on the display and click on scan for hardware changes. As you know, we had just removed the older audio drivers, the computer will go for the installation of the newer version.
  • As soon as it gets installed, you could once confirm the newest version by right-clicking on the two options mentioned earlier and press update drivers.
  • In case, your PC is not able to download the latest audio drivers, a hat you could do is, you could directly navigate to the manufacturer’s website and then get the right audio drivers for your PC.


How To Share Desktop Audio On Discord Or How Do I Enable Audio In Discord Screen Sharing?

This will help you to know how to share sound on discord screen share. Well, one isn’t enabled to share audio through the Discord application. To achieve this, an individual has to opt for a voice call to attain Push-to-talk on the application.

While you Screen share through the Discord application, it doesn’t offer an integrated sound sharing system. You’ll have to go for push-to-talk as mentioned above.

Another way to share the audio is by initially putting off the screen share and turning the voice mode ON through the application. When you are done with this, press the Share Now button that will be present there. This will enable you to share the audio through the application. Hope that this has helped you to find out how to play computer audio through discord.

Why Is My Discord Go Live Not Appearing?

Along with issues such as discord can’t hear screen share audio, this is also a common issue, many of you may be facing the same, wherein you are unable to go live as discord go live not appearing.

There are few solutions to this problem, let’s see them:

  • Give the Permission
    There are few situations with an individual where he/she hasn’t enabled or given permission for the go-live feature in the settings. So, initially, you must check for the same and enable permission.
  • Get the recent version of Discord
    If you’re still using the older version of the application, get over it and upgrade to a recent one. Older versions don’t operate as smoothly and efficiently as the newer ones. This problem might be occurring due to an older version. So, try the newer one out.
  • Upgrade to a New Computer
    The problem may also arise Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome in older PCs, as their hardware is insufficient for this feature. So, just get another modern and high-configuration computer for yourself. This may actually solve the problem. Many older ones don’t support this streaming feature.

Is There A Discord Screen Share Extension?

Yes, you could install an extension for Discord screen sharing in Google chrome. You can find several extension links online on several websites. Install the extension and enjoy sharing your screen.

Why Is My Discord Not Opening Links?

This error may occur due to several reasons, though we’ll not discuss them, we’ll directly go to the solutions to this issue Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome. There are few treatments for this problem, let’s go through them:

  • Change your default browsing application
    The chances that you are having this issue due to the web browser you are using are very high. So, what you can do is just try another browser and check if this helps to solve it. You could change the default browser in Windows settings. In settings, look for Choose a Default Browser setting, and then opt for another browser and check if it has solved the problem or not.
  • Duplicate Default Browser
    This error may originate due to the duplicate browser that you are using. You may not know that you are using an identical browser but it is not the genuine one so, it may lead to such a problem. What you can do is, uninstall the current browser you are using and install a new genuine one and make it a default browser.
  • Try another device
    You may run out of solutions at a point, so, when you do, the last option that you are left with is getting in touch with their support team.

Contact the customer service and until they help you through this problem you may always try another device. Until then the team will troubleshoot and let you know why you are unable to open those links.

Why Do I See Discord Stream Game Black Screen While Sharing?

This problem doesn’t occur very often, but, if it has occurred with you, we’ll be helping you throughout. So, here is how you can tend to this issue:

  • Check all the background processes
    When you close the discord application and restart the same, make sure that you close all the processes of it that are running in the background. To do so, follow these steps:
    Open Task Manager
    Search for all the discord processes and right-click by selecting all of them
    Then just press End Task.

This will cease all the processes that are being operated in the background.

  • Upgrade your Graphics Driver
    Using an older version of the Graphic driver may lead to this problem of black screen. Ensure that you have the proper graphic driver installed and is updated at regular intervals.

You could upgrade to the recent version by going to your PC manufacturer’s website and then enter your computer model and find the driver and get your upgraded graphic driver.

  • Upgrade the Discord application
    This issue may also be a result of an older version of the application. Try the newer one by upgrading. You may even uninstall the current one and download the fresh version or just update the application.

To update the application we have already mentioned the procedure above. So follow carefully.

Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome

Why Can’t I Hear Anything On Discord Chrome?

This may occur due to several reasons as said earlier, due to the older version of the application, inadequate PC hardware configuration, an older driver version also leads to this, due to the disabled overlay setting as said. All these are some reasons.

These are a few of the reasons that could cause such a problem, so try out the solutions given above. They might help you out on how do I stream audio on the Discord browser?

Discord How To Screen Share With Sound Of Google Chrome?

There are various ways to achieve this, one of them is as follows:

  • Open Google Chrome as well as Discord application as administrator.
  • Do not operate google chrome in full screen, use it on minimized screen.
  • Then, you’ll have to disable the hardware acceleration. As this performs to accelerate the function. But if it performs two functions simultaneously, it will affect the performance.
  • Next, you’ll have to disable the feature that says Use our latest technology to record screen.
  • Then, start streaming google chrome as a game and finally, the last step is to update the discord application.


As helpful as the discord is to stream games, or sharing screens. There are several issues, as nothing is entirely perfect. But we have tried to provide the best possible solution to all these problems. One must try these very carefully without missing a single step. And if you still have doubts in your mind, feel free to comment below. We’ll try to help you out in all ways.

Hope we have covered all that we were looking for and not missed a single issue Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome. We’ll be posting more such helpful content so be sure to check again with us.

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