Decorate Your Home Office with These 8 Tips

Because of the pandemic, many companies switched to work from home setups to keep their business running. This result in many employees trying to set up a nice work station at home to continue being productive. However, not all of us has an extra room to use as a library. Most people are only occupying space in their bedroom or living room and convert it as a home office.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot spruce it up a bit. There are different ways for you to make your working space at home feel more conducive for working. From buying different home office furniture to set up a personalized corner, you can create a nice working station at home. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to decorate your home office.

1.Create a layout of your home office

Regardless if you have an extra room or you’re just using a tiny space in your bedroom, it’s necessary to start planning with a layout. You can create a draft of the floor plan so you can easily picture where to put your computer, desks, and other office-related items. In that way, you will not have to do it again just in case something doesn’t fit right.

2.Combine new and old furniture

It’s not a strict rule to always buy new furniture for your home office. But, of course, if you don’t have an office desk or a computer table, you need to purchase one. However, if you have extra furniture that can be used in your workspace, you can use it too. You can combine both old and new furniture to add a bit of eccentricity in the overall design. What’s important is that you are comfortable working on it.

3.Make the home office a reflection of yourself

Do not always go on what’s trendy. One of the biggest mistakes in interior design is that people forget that their homes are all about them. As much as possible, make the home office a reflection of yourself. If you love the colour pink, and it’s not in-demand right now, you can still go for pink. If you don’t like the latest office desk in the store, don’t buy it. The key is to make your home office a place that you appreciate.

4.Add a bit of nature to inspire you

You can never go wrong with plants. Adding a bit of green in your work station will help you breathe better during stressful times. If you have a whole room for your home office, you might want to install plants in the corners of your room to add to its aesthetic appeal as well. However, if you only have a tiny space, buying a small desk plant would suffice. For as long as you have a piece of plant in your corner, that should be good.

5.Art decorations are mood boosters

Let’s admit it, work can sometimes be a bit stressful. To relax your mind and to give you more inspiration, consider including art decorations such as paintings, portraits, and figurines in your home office. When your eyes are too tired because of looking at the computer for a long time, it’s nice to see some art inspiration around. In that way, you can refresh your mind even just for a second.

6.Use colorful rugs to liven up the room

Printed and colorful walls may be a bit distracting for a home office. It’s also one of the reasons why some offices prefer to have plain wall paintings. However, it does not mean that you have to work in a boring room. To liven up space, you can use colourful rugs and carpets. Through this, you can add a bit of energy to the room. As much as possible, choose a rug that’s not too distracting but inspirational instead.

7.Natural light is better

Fluorescent light hurts our eyes. That’s why as much as possible it’s best to use natural lights. It’s better if you can set up your home office with windows so you can acquire a bit of sunlight. When it’s daytime, you can just open the windows and appreciate the beauty of natural light. You are not just protecting your eyes but the sun rays give a natural allure in your home office.

8.Organize your belongings

Utilize shelves and cabinets as often as possible. Since it’s a home office and not just a library, it is expected that you will have tons of paper works daily. To ensure that you will accumulate clutter as time goes by, it’s best to install shelves and cabinets in your workspace. If you can’t think of which ones to use, you may want to consider the same furniture and accessories you have in the office. Simply because if you are using it in the office, you probably need it in your home office as well.

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