What Is Death Stranding Error Code 51003? How Do I Fix It

Gamers globally have been buzzing about the notorious Death Stranding error code 51003. This pesky error seems to pop up most frequently when the server is overwhelmed with requests. And guess what? Ever since Epic Games decided to generously give away this title, the server has been swamped with enthusiastic new players.

Understanding The Error

When you’re deep into the action of Death Stranding and this error rears its head, you’ll likely see a message that reads: “Connection to Death Stranding game server is unstable. Switching to Offline Mode…Error Code: 51003”.

Frustrating, right? Sometimes, you might encounter a variant of this message, hinting at issues logging into the game server. But no matter the wording, the crux of the issue remains the same. It’s either a hiccup in the network or the game server is simply drowning under the weight of too many requests. And with the recent surge in players thanks to Epic Games’ giveaway, it’s no surprise the servers are feeling the pressure.

Why You See This Error Code 51003 In Death Stranding

death stranding error code 51003
  • Server Overload: The error often pops up when the game server is overwhelmed with player requests.
  • Recent Game Giveaway: Epic Games’ recent promotion where they gave away the title for free has led to a surge in new players, putting additional strain on the servers.
  • Network Hiccups: Sometimes, the error can be attributed to temporary network issues or disruptions.
  • Server Capacity: The game server might be at its maximum capacity and cannot handle additional players at that moment.
  • Developer’s End: In many instances, the root cause of the issue originates from the developer’s end, especially when there are sudden spikes in player activity.

How to Fix the Error Before you throw your hands up in despair, there are a few things you can try to get back into the game:

Preliminary Steps

  • Restart: Sometimes, the age-old advice of turning it off and on again works wonders. Give your PC or console a quick restart.
  • Server Status: Pop over to Downdetector’s Death Stranding page to see if there’s a known outage.
  • Stable Connection: Ensure your internet isn’t the culprit. A stable connection can make all the difference.
  • Router Reset: Consider giving your router a quick power cycle.
  • Wired Over Wireless: If you can, opt for an ethernet connection over WiFi. It’s generally more reliable.

Method 1: Change DNS

  • Access Windows Settings: Press Win + I on your keyboard.
  • Navigate to Network Settings: Select the Network & Internet option.
  • Choose Your Connection Type: Pick either Ethernet or WiFi, depending on your current connection.
  • Edit DNS Server Assignment: Click on Edit next to the DNS server assignment option.
  • Manual DNS Input: Set the option to Manual.
  • Input the following DNS addresses: Preferred DNS: Alternate DNS:
  • Restart Your PC: A
  • fter making the changes, give your PC a quick restart to apply them.
  • Note on DNS: The provided addresses are for Google DNS. Other quality DNS servers can also be considered based on preference and performance.

Method 2: Play During Non-Peak Hours

  • Analyze Outage Reports:
    • Visit Downdetector’s Death Stranding page.
    • Review the last 24-hour outage reports to identify peak times when the error code 51003 is most common.
  • Adjust Your Gaming Schedule:
    • Try playing outside of these identified peak hours.
    • Note: This approach is based on observed patterns and might not guarantee error-free gameplay, but it can potentially reduce the chances of encountering the error.
  • Firewall Settings:
    • Consider temporarily disabling your firewall to see if it makes a difference.
    • Always ensure to turn it back on after testing to maintain security.
  • Consider a Gaming VPN:
    • If your connection has routing issues, a gaming VPN might help.
    • A VPN can provide a more optimized route to the game server, potentially reducing errors.
    • Not all players might benefit, especially those with already stable connections.
  • Research VPN Benefits:
    • Understand how a VPN might impact your gaming experience.
    • Some VPNs can potentially reduce ping times and improve connection stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Error Code 51003 exclusive to PC players?
Ans: No, the error can occur on both PC and console versions of the game.

Q2. How long has Error Code 51003 been an issue for players?
Ans: The error became more prevalent after Epic Games gave away the title for free, leading to a surge in new players.

Q3. Are there any official statements from the game developers regarding this error?
Players are advised to check the official Death Stranding or Kojima Productions website and forums for any updates or announcements regarding the error.

Q4. Can I still play Death Stranding offline if I encounter this error?
Ans: Yes, when the error occurs, the game often suggests switching to Offline Mode, allowing players to continue without an online connection.

Q5. How does Error Code 51003 in Death Stranding compare to Error Code 403 On Roblox?
Ans: While both are error codes indicating some form of connectivity or access issue, they pertain to different games and platforms. Error Code 403 on Roblox typically indicates a forbidden request, whereas Error Code 51003 in Death Stranding is related to server overloads.

Q6. I’ve faced Disney Plus Error Code 41 before. Is the Death Stranding error similar in nature?
Ans: While both are error codes, they are for different platforms and have different root causes. Disney Plus Error Code 41 is usually related to streaming or connectivity issues on the Disney Plus platform, whereas the Death Stranding error is specific to the game’s server capacity and connectivity.

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