Creative Bakery Business Name Ideas

This ultimate list of memorable names of the bakery is packed with hundreds of ideas for creative and sweet bakery names!

Naming a bakery may sound like a piece of cake, but it’s more like making a crust pie with hot water. You make something out of nothing, and there are infinite possibilities that can lead to dissatisfaction and exhaustion in making decisions. 

Although delicious sweets and other baked goods are essential to a successful bakery, choosing a good name is almost as important as that. Branding is a way for consumers to remember you, and you’re on the road to building a strong brand if you make a good choice.

Creative Bakery Business Names ideas

Bakery business name ideas


Amazin’ Glazin’ Pastry Emporium The Flaky Croissant
The Crusty Croissant The CinnaMan Our Daily Bread
The Rolling Pin Flour Shower Cookie Encounter
Skippity Scones Hole in One Doughnuts Queen of Tarts
Mad Batter Jake’s Cakes The Twisted Churro
Confection Connection Bakeology Cupcake Nation
Dream Puffs The Slice Marla’s Sweet Treats
The Pie Chart Pie in the Sky The Bread Box
The Bread Basket Bake n’ Flake Sunrise Pies
Creamy Creations The Baker’s Table Holy Cannoli
The Dreamy Danish Eats and Treats The Cooling Rack
Snickerdoodles Bake Away Bake Off
Disco Danish Artsy Tartsy The Sweet Room
The Baking Room The Cake Room Frost Goddess
The Cake Fairy Cake Time Cake Walk
Cake O’Clock Layers Angel Cakes
The Cake Corner The Gingerbread House Grandma’s Kitchen
Chester’s Cheesecakes The Chocolate Chip The Nutty Bunch
Nutty Creations Rockin’ Rolls Warm Delights
The Mix-Up In the Mix The Dough Knot
Anytime Cakes Dream Pies Cakes, Cookies & Confections
The Bagel Shop Bread and Butter Cookie Crumble
Hot Crossed Buns Patty Cakes The Muffin Man
Sugar Booger Manhattan Cupcakes Sweetie Pies
Cherry on Top Sugar Street Sweets Red Velvet Bakery


Sugar mama’s cupcakes The Vanilla Bean
Delicious Creations Cupcakes Sprinkles
Kustom Cupcakes Sweetie Pies
Holy Cupcakes! Wake and Bake
Jake’s Cakes We Make Cake
Frankencake Easy as Cake
Cake n Bake A Bun in the Oven


Paradise Bakery & Cafe Tower cakes
Bake my day The baking mommy
Lauren’s sweet dreams Sticky fingers – sweet & eat
The sweet shop – cupcakes and more Buttercupy
Cake me away Hanalina
Suga Suga bakery Sis n me bakery
Cakeolicious Uncle Benjie’s bakery


Starting a bakery is hard work for even a dedicated, talented, baker like you. Improve your chances of success by calling your bakeshop with a fantastic name your customers will love and remember.

The Bakery Room Whipped and Baked
Bake and Shake Cake with a Twist
Baking in Your Face! The Cake Sprinkles
Bake with Delight Guilty Pleasures Bakery
The Last Cake Line The Baked Art Shop
The Cake Encounter The Baked Designs
The Cake Talk The Bake Town
The Cakes’ Aroma Caked in Love
Outside the Cake Box Let’s Cake your Day!
Sweet Bites of Delight Bake me Sweet


Freed’s bakery Two fat cats bakery
Three brothers bakery – Washington Maroush Bakehouse – London
Freeport bakery Hummingbird bakery – London
Beigel bake – brick lane bakery – the UK Magnolia bakery – new york city
Dolly Madison bakery Sofra Bakery & cafe
NIK baker’s – Australia Hoehn’s bakery


Pattycakes The Sweet Spot
Suger booger Confection Connection
Red velvet bakery Plentiful Pastries
Anytime cakes Doughy Delights
Sugar Daddy Sweet Sensations


Choosing a name for the company is no cake, so getting input from others is always a great idea!

Make sure you invite friends and family and also have them bring their kids. Children can be very clever and they’re always up for cookies and milk!

If it’s wedding cakes or wholesale cake and dessert delivery, your bakery company needs the first-rate brand to draw buyers, to stand out from your marketplace competition.

Catchy Bakery Business Name Ideas

Bakery business name ideas

Selecting an inspiring name for your bakery company would make your promotional slogans more effective for prospective customers and more convincing.

The Baked Galore Cake-aholic
Frost me more! Baked Pretty Well
Bake me more! Baked and Frosted
Bake o’ clock Baked in Sweetness
The Dream Bakers Baked with Care
The Blackmarket of Cakes Get the Pie Chart!
It’s Bake Time Bake the Cake!
Bake-aholic For Sweet-ohlic


LFB – Love at First Bite The Magic Oven Cupcakes
Peace of the Pie Jake’s Cakes
Tiers of Joy Cakes, Cookies & Confections
Cake Walkers Tasty Treats Cupcake Shoppe
Cake a Diem Cupcake Boulevard
Bakery Bits 2 Girls and a Cupcake
Sweet infusion United Cakes of America
The Chocolate Bonanza Sweet Times Cupcakes & Coffee
Cupcake Addicts Crummiest Cakes
Sweet Dreams Bakery The Cupcake Craze
The Cake Fairy Moon Baby Cakes


Swaad Wala Yummy Point
Apni Bakery Breka Bakery & cafe
Bakery Bines Chaat Bhavan
Nankhatai Lazziz Bakery
Coccadotts Zaika Bakery


Bakery business name ideas

Bakery shop names can really have an impact on their success. Don’t just hurry forward with a name because it’s available or it has a nice pun. Explore every guideline for building a company name that will be perfect for years to come.

Baker’s Dozen Sprinkled with Sweetness
Sweet Teeth Sugar on Top
Batter Up Sugar Fix
Shake and Baked Sweet Sugar Bakery
Flour Girls Cookie Cutters
Oven Men Cookie Monsters
Yes We Pan Confections with Care
For Goodness Cake Baked Perfection
Cookie Cutter Club Golden Crust
We Do Dough Golden Brown
Supreme Sweets Butter Up
Fresh Baked Buttercup Bakery
Out of the Oven Buttercup Co.
Outstanding Oven Batter Chatter
Muffin Tin Team Take the Cake
Party Pastries Cake Time
Perfect Pastries Oh My Goodies
Blossom Bakery Cozy Cookies
Baked Good Creative Confections
Batter and Bake Sugar and Nice
First Comes Batter Sweet Serenity
Fresh Friends Happy Harvest
Shake and Bakers Healthy Hearth
For Goodness Baked City Cakes
Golden Baked Cakes Sprinkles Bake Shop


Initially, you may want to play with the names when naming a bakery firm. You may be dreaming of a name that looks classy and has pastel colors. There’s nothing wrong with this, but at some point, you have to agree on a company name to build business cards, social media accounts, purchase website URLs, etc.

Rising Loaf Sunrise puffs
The Buttered Roll The Cookie Home
Frosting Fun The Pie Place
Muffin Tops Elegant Confections
Cake Batter Cookie County
Clever Cookie Bake Away
Smart Cookie The Cookie Jar
Creative Cakes Daily Manna
Delightful Desserts Go-nuts Doughnuts
Dessert Delights Cakes N’ Flakes
Tasty Time Beautiful Flakes
Sweet Eats Sensational Cookies
Sweet Treats Irresistible Bakes
Neat Treats Sunshine Confections
Neat Sweets Snack on the go
Neat Eats Finders Keepers
Pleasing Eats Moonbeam Bakery
YumCakes Crispy crunchies
Cupcakes & More Sunrise Delights
The Cherry Pie Mama’s Kitchen
Sweetie Pie Savory Cakes
Sweetcakes Bun n’ Bread
Hunny Bun Snack Park
Honey Bunny Delicious Pastries
FunBun Love Cakes
Takes the Cake Bakery The Cake Lair
Cake Topper All You Knead
Make & Bake Curls and Rolls
Bake & Take Cake County
Making & Baking Warm Delight
Warm Bakes Red-hot Crunchies
The Warm Muffin Pie Charts
Fluffy Biscuits Bakery Beautiful treats
The Fluffy Cupcake Treats and Scones
Buttercream Dreams Mama’s Cupcakes
Buttercream Delights The Gingerbread Country
Chocolate Dreams Hot Pastries
ChocoLovers Mother Confections
ChocoLove The Rolling Scone
ChocoBake Great Confections
Vanilla Dreamz Every day’s Delight
Toasted Sugar Pleasure Pastries
Sugar & Spice Infinity Scones
Toasted Meringue Cutie Pies
Yummy Tummy Nu age cookies
YumTum Crusty crunchies
TastyTum The Bagel place
Sweet Addiction The Doughnut Lair
Frosting Fiend Amazing Confections
Frosting Freaks The Muffin Room

Fancy Bakery Business Name Ideas

bakery business name ideas

If you have a difficult time selecting a name, try hosting a bakery-naming party! It is a nice opportunity for all to enlist their support. Invite a couple of friends and family to have some pastries and tea, and see what ideas they may have. 

Better Bakery Sweet Sprinkles
Sweet Breads Great Bakers
Bread Bakers Make It Or Bake It
Bake It Right Good Morning Bakery
Bake Me Happy Good Day Bakers
Bake My Day Sunshine Bakery
Bake It Perfect Sunrise Bakery
Baked Perfection The Breakfast Bakers
Bake Best Bake Love
The Bake House Lovely Bakes
The Happy Baker Delicious Bakes
Bake Yourself At Home Sweet Bakes
Beautiful Bakes Baked Delight
Bountiful Bakes The Amazing Bake
Beautiful Breads BakeTime
Bread Winners The Heavenly Bakers
Bread Beauty Angel Bake
Baked Bonanza Pretty Bake
Good Bread Bread Time
The Bread Machine The Charming Baker
Smashing Dough Baked Satisfaction
Tasty Delights Dreamy Bakes
The Grateful Bread Glad Bakes
Bread Fed The Graceful Baker
PureBread Bake Rapture
The Bread Boss Magic Bread


Bake a Diem The Dream Cakes
The Purple Bakery The Regal Bakery
The Cake Power The Bakery Basket
Bake for Cakes Tea Time Bakery
Bake My Day! The Goddess Frosting!
The Holy Bakery The Red Velvet Bakery
The Bakery Emporium Give the Cake
The Bliss of Bakery The Senior Bakery


Le Panier French Bakery La Madeleine
Choc o pain Boul angerie
Petite palmiers Fournos bakery
The art of french baking Bouchon bakery
French vanilla Delice
Amelie’s Poilane


Oteri’s Via Veneto bakery
Villa Italia Zia Gianna
Mozzicato Tosti
Francesco’s Pizzeria
Touch of Italy Catania


Start with brainstorming, and get as many as you can. You will probably notice that only the warm-up was your first few ideas that sounded amazing before you started developing some excellent names for a bakery.


There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when starting a bakery company, such as venue, food items, interior design, online bakery, etc. But the most important job is coming up with the right name. Your brand name has the potential to draw buyers, in addition to your goods or services. Therefore one should not underestimate a good name’s strength.

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