Corona Has Led To Digital US 2020 Election Campaign

This pandemic has also affected US elections. As there will be no rallies, No in-person fundraising, No vote advertisements, No door-knocking for votes to maintain the decorum of the social-distancing clause for public safety.

This pandemic has badly disrupted this presidential campaign with no chances of getting help like before this time. President Donald Trump and these two democrats Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have had a little choice but to call off large-scale public events in favor of digital ways and over the airwaves.

Lots of traditional themes of the election campaign will get replaced with digital themes. There will be no selfie with supporters, rope lines and entourages of traveling pass these things will get replaced with (for this pandemic situation) digital world tools, such as Tele-town halls, Virtual fundraising, Speeches on live-streaming, this can also get awkward reactions but for now, it’s very important to follow social-distancing.

Corona Has Led To Digital US 2020 Election Campaign
Corona Has Led To Digital US 2020 Election Campaign

With the management of the White House at stake, candidates are forced to leave the traditional ways in favor of untested/digital ways. There are doubts concerning whether or not they are able to continue raising crucial required funding as unemployment is also really hard and also the economy sputtering. There are issues that a virtual campaign might promote the development of the spread of information and perhaps even force the cancellation of the main party conventions as before this summer.

“Nobody’s had to place along with an election strategy within the circumstances we tend to face these days,” Anita Dunn, Biden’s senior consultant, told The Associated Press. “I wish to say each election is going to be totally unique and kind of innovative. This election is admittedly, really, extremely unique.”

Digital advertising and online stretch were invariably getting to play a significant role within the election. However, nobody might anticipate that tactile politics would be utterly placed on hold. So, its gonna be really interesting to the digital campaigns.

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