Connection Failed with Error 651

“Done know where your kids are in the house?

Turn off the internet and they’ll show up quickly.”

Our lives literally depend on the internet, isn’t it?

In fact, it has become our daily source of information and updates. We use it for so many things like office work, social media, educational purposes and to look for suggestions, solutions, and life hacks all the time.

But what happens when our broadband suddenly stops working?

What to do when it shows connection failed or some error has occurred?

We must fix the thing on which our life depends on so many levels.

And how are you going to do that? By discussing it with us and following our instructions on how to deal with the connection failed with error 651.

What instructions? You will find them inside.

Here is your list of content to begin with.

  • What is error 651?
  • Why does network connection fail?
  • What is error 651 in the broadband connection?
  • How to fix error 651?


Connection Failed with Error 651

And we are on, come join us!

Networking Information

“The need and use of the internet suggest that this is a different world.”

And we are about to explore an error that occurs in this different world of the internet.

Starting off by explaining to you what exactly is error 651?

What is error 651?

You know your modem is your connecting device or the middlemen of your internet connection and your PC where the connection and the hardware device meet.

If you are using Windows 8 or 10 and your adapter suddenly shows error 651, it usually means that there is a problem with your network adapter.

Here is the other possible reason behind the error or connection failure:

  1. Ip address conflict
  2. Drivers problem to issues with your internet provider.
  3. Incorrect placement of an SYS file.
  4. Wrong modem setup.
  5. Hardware issue
  6. Corrupted registry files

These were all the possible reason behind having an error 651 in your broadband.

Whether you use windows 8 and 10 or not, if you are facing this issue, make sure it is not happening due to these reasons and if it does, then you surely know how to fix it up.

In case you have no idea how to troubleshoot the error 651 problems, we are about to discuss all the steps with you.

Just continue reading to find it out.

Connection Failed with Error 651
Connection Failed with Error 651

Fixing the Failures

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

Imagine you are doing some important work and suddenly your internet connection gets disconnected even when there’s no power cut.

You are sitting there and wondering what went wrong and how to fix it?

You just read what possible could have gone wrong with your connection and why it occurred on the modem error 651.

While you have to find out yourself which problem might have caused you a network problem, you can still see the troubleshooting steps listed below because they will further help you in detecting and fixing the problem.

Here’s the list of steps you have to follow to fix the error 651 in a broadband connection.

  1. Try connecting another device with the same modem or Wi-Fi and check network availability.

if the other device is working perfectly fine and catching the connection, then the problem is with your previous device and not with your modem.

But, if your new device is also showing error 651, you know where the trouble is coming from.

  1. Check for wires and cables connected to the modem and your device.

When we start doing our work, we often don’t check our wires and cables and adjust them in case they are lost.

A lose cable wire can be another reason of network failure.

Try using a different connection.

This is another effective way of finding out whether there’s a problem with your device or with the connection.

If your device gets connected with a different wifi connection, the problem was with your previous connection and its modem.

But if your device is not responding to the new connection as well, your device is faulty and you have to find out what the problem is.

Check for updates.

See if your windows need an update. This might bot look too useful but an updated windows scan and fix all the errors and make sure the system is working properly.

Go to settings, click on update and security, check if any update is available and click on it.

Disable antivirus software.

You might have downloaded the antivirus that prevents computers and internet connections from connecting with each other due to security reasons.

Turning it off or removing it from your system and installing another antivirus that does nit stops the PC from connecting to the internet, will fix the problem.

Restart the computer.

The most common and easy method followed by millions to solve any kind of issue in PC.

Trying to do it this time as well as it will fix a range of troubles and errors.

Reboot the modem and router

Unplugging the modem and router for at least 60 seconds and then plugging them back really helps in refreshing the internet connection.

Update your adapter or your network provider.

Since drivers help hardware run correctly. Updating the hardware that brings you the internet connection is another effective way of solving connectivity problems.

You can also install a new one if available.

Try windows 10 command prompts

  • Open command prompt
  • Type command prompt in the windows 10 taskbar search bar.
  • Click on run as administrator and then select yes.
  • Now type the following commands and press enter after each one of them.
  1. To reset the Windows networking stack, enter ‘netsh int ip reset reset.log’ and press enter.
  2. To disable autotuning, press ‘netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disable’ and press enter.
  3. To re-register the file, type ‘regsvr32 raspppoe.says’ and click enter.
  4. Now, restart the computer and check your connection
Connection Failed with Error 651
Connection Failed with Error 651

Run the internet connection troubleshooting

To see if your network provider is not having any problem, go to settings, select update, and security, click on troubleshooting, select internet connection and run the troubleshooter.

We have literally covered all of the ways in which you can not only find out the root cause of the error 651 problems but can also fix it.

If there’s a problem with your PC, you have to take it to the technician and get it repaired.

If the modem is not working, get it replaced or contact your service provider on their helpline number.

Connection Failed with Error 651

But if the above-mentioned troubleshooting solutions are still not helping, there is a problem from your network provider’s side and you have to contact and ask the customer care what the issue is and how can it be fixed.


A simple network error can take place because of so many unknown reasons.

Just because they are unknown to you doesn’t mean they cannot be fixed. Look at the right place for help and support and you shall find all the required information to fix the glitch.

Also, make sure to rectify the problem and see where the problem is coming from before doing anything and landing yourself in another problem.

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