A sloppy floor: How to level Concrete floor

How to level Concrete A sloppy floor floor
How to level Concrete A sloppy floor floor

Woooooo! Hold on. Do you like to walk on a sloping floor? Most of the people do not like to walk on a sloppy floor because it feels like you are going to fall. Sometimes we visit stores, where you may notice a sloppy floor but would you be comfortable there? Hopefully not. No one likes to feel uncomfortable or you may say, walk uncomfortably.

In fact, it is not only about shops but if you are living in a home that is too old, then the possibility of a sloppy floor is high there. Concrete Leveler has become popular since then, to be honest, you can not always call someone and ask them to concrete the floor and the main reason behind it is money.

It would be a very costly process to Level A Concrete Floor so you might try to do it by yourself. You can install new rigid flooring such as ceramic tile, hardwood, or maybe laminate. However, we have seen that people have a misconception that the floor needs to be horizontal level so that you can successfully install the rigid flooring, that’s nothing but a myth.

If the scenario would have been like this, then people would never be able to install new floor level or concrete floor levelers as a solution for a sloppy floor. But there are a few things that you need to know before getting started with the Concrete Floor Levelers. We would be sharing some tips that you must go through and then start doing the leveling for getting rid of a sloppy floor.

leveling concrete floor for tile
A sloppy floor: How to level Concrete floor
  • Find out the uneven areas:

First of all, you need to figure out which part of the floor is uneven and the easier way would be, drop a few marbles on the floor in various areas around the whole room and then watch them rolling. If you notice them constantly rolling on the same side then you may consider that side as lower than the rest of the floor. The low areas of the floor are called dips and the high areas are called heaves.

  • Understand self-leveling underlayment:

If the sloppy floor has no structural issues then you would be able to level the floor by applying a normal cement-based self-leveling floor product that is commonly available in the market. You can simply mix the dry substance with water and form a liquid slurry and then spread it over the floor with the help of a gauge rake. Being a liquid thing, it will automatically settle into low spots and will fill the floor as well as create a level surface.

The self-leveling products are pretty much DIY friendly and you do not require anyone’s help in this case.

  • Deal with a delaminated subfloor:

If you think that your floor is not only becoming sloppy day by day but also becomes delaminated then you may not be able to fix it by doing leveling. You might require to change the whole thing and replaced the floor with new ones. The subfloor must be changed and there are two different types of subfloor material, one is plywood and the other one is oriented strand board.

You need to inspect the whole thing before you start fixing it and once, the idea is clear to you. You can simply replace the subfloor.

  • Check out the foundation factors:

If you see that your floor is getting sloppy although your home is not that old. You may call someone and ask them to inspect the foundation. Sometimes, you will not be able to understand if the sloppiness is occurring because of the age of your house or something else.

The foundation structure should be thoroughly diagnosed bt a structural engineer so that you can figure out what’s wrong. Once you will be able to understand this, you can either concrete the floor and make the level perfect or go for some other options available.

  • Correct other joist issues:

If you notice that the floor of your house is being twisted or warped over time or maybe it is incorrectly installed from the very beginning then you need to give it a bit more attention. In this condition, the only way out would be removing the subfloors and shim the joints.

diy concrete leveling
A sloppy floor: How to level Concrete floor

You need to follow more or less the same procedure and level the concrete floor using the same material you would have been used for normal conditions. You may need to use a laser level and attach the shims simply by gluing and screwing them to the joints.

How Do You Level A Floor With Self Leveling Compound?

If you are still wondering How To Use Concrete Leveler and perform the whole process all by yourself then let me assure you, you do not need to research a lot or something like that. We have already done your part of the research and found out the perfect way of doing this. If you follow the way we would be sharing below, you will get the most perfect outcome and the result will woo you! You will not require anyone for performing this but you need to follow every step one by one so that you can be successful in what you are going to perform.

Things You Will Need:

  • Latex bonding agent
  • Self-leveling compound
  • Water
  • Cement
  • Sand

The process you need to follow:

  • First of all, you need to fill if there is any crack with epoxy. You can check that before starting the job and point out the spots. If you feel it’s necessary then you can also widen any sort of small crack. Now, clean the concrete floor and make it as clean as possible with detergent and remove the grease or oil ( if there’s any ). You need to make sure that the floor is dry and dust-free before starting the leveling.
  • Now, you need to apply the latex bonding compound over the floor once the floor is completely dry. This will help to adhere the self-leveling compound properly. You need to take a paintbrush to reach out to the edges and corners. You can also use regular mop tp spread the bonding compound that too over the rest of the floor. Once, you are done, let the latex compound to get dried.
  • After that, you need to take the self-leveling compound and mix it very well with water. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instruction and according to that, you need to mix both of them. You need to mix it until it turns out to a smooth paste. You may take a bucket for mixing them well.
  • Once, you get a thick and smooth paste, you need to pour the compound immediately as it will be dried very quickly. You can simply start at one corner of the floor and then pour the mixture over the whole concrete floor as soon as you can. We would recommend you to start from the door so that you don’t get stuck in.
  • Now, take a long-handled garden rake and make the whole thing smooth with it. Taking a garden rake will let you have long reach.
  • You need to leave the floor for a few days because it will take a minimum of 4-5 days to get dried and you need to allow time till then.

Ta-da, you are all set to go. You do not need to spend a hell lot of money to fix your sloppy floor but following the process would help you a lot. You need to buy all things beforehand so that you do not have to face any difficulty finding some of the ingredients.

Leveling Concrete Floor For Tile:

diy concrete leveling
: How to level Concrete A sloppy floor floor

If you are willing to level your concrete floor for tile then let me tell you, you are on the right path because tiles are no doubt, more durable than any other floor coverings and it will literally last for years. Even if you already have tile floors then you might notice cracks there because of time. So, before you want to install new tile, cracks, hills, and dips should be taken care of.

Concrete Floor Levelness will make sure that the surface is clean and smooth before you are all set to install the new tiles. Overall you need to follow the same process so let’s not get into this all over again but follow the self-leveling compound one discussed above. But, we would be sharing some things that you might need to buy along with the other ones.

Things you might need:

  • Vacuum
  • Level
  • Self-leveling floor compound


You already know how well the mixture should be mixed and you need a hell lot patience for doing so. However, you are suggested to wear a dust mask while mixing the compound in order to avoid breathing in the dust.

Hence, you should not have any more doubts regarding self-level compounds and how to install new tiles as well.

DIY Concrete Leveling Mistakes:

If you are wondering how could someone make any mistake when there is everything elaborated in a pretty good way. Well, then let me make your facts clear. We have seen that people still mistaking even after we have said everything so clearly. However, we have noticed some of the basic mistakes that people tend to do more often and you may find out them below.

  • Self-leveling concrete:

When you are performing this task, you need to be very careful. Since this is a finicky material, you are more likely to make mistakes. These products are pretty much expensive so if you do any kind of mistakes then the entire project can be ruined. People make a major mistake which is, using warm water.

You might think that using warm water would help in the whole process and set up quickly but you don’t know that after getting dried, there will be visible bubbles and hills in it. Hence, you should think before the mix.

  • Are you not getting enough mix?

For leveling a floor in any kind of situation, you need to make sure how much concrete mix you will need. You can not make the mixture too thin as it will lead to collapse and crack. On the other hand, you can not make the mixture too thick otherwise, it will look odd. Hence, you need to know the exact measurement.

Proper thickness:

  • Residential driveways: 6+ in.
  • Sidewalks: 4 in.
  • Loading docks or dumpster pads: 10-12 in.
  • Commercial driveways: 8-10 in.
  • Are you assuming that all concrete is equal?

Well, if you are thinking so then you are wrong. In general, concrete is made out of three ingredients, water, portland cement, aggregates. Each of the concrete has different ratios and they are typically decided by dry ingredients so you may not mistake in this case.

Concrete Floor Leveller Products:

We have already discussed Floor Leveling Product and you must already have the idea of what things you need to make good and level concrete. You need to follow the above-discussed procedure and make everything correct. You should not repeat the same mistakes we have mentioned. Things you will require is,

  • Latex bonding agent
  • Self-leveling compound
  • Water
  • Cement
  • Sand


A sloppy floor: How to level Concrete floor Discussion
How Do You Level A Floor With Self Leveling Compound? We have discussed the whole process and it will be easy for you to perform the whole task.
Leveling Concrete Floor For Tile The procedure is more or less the same for this one, you just need to follow each step.
DIY Concrete Leveling Mistakes We have mentioned some of the mistakes people often do while performing the task. You should never repeat them.
Concrete Floor Leveller Products You will need a few products and we have made a list of them.


Self-leveling concrete floors are anytime a better option than walking on a sloppy floor so, you might read the procedure and buy whatever is needed and get started. Sloppy floors can be risky especially if you have any aged member in your house. So, it would always be better if you replace the floor and fix the leveling. We have already mentioned that if you are living in an old house then a sloppy floor is the most common thing ever. Hopefully, you will be successful in making the floor perfect!




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