Career in online accounting

Regardless of whether you want to make some extra income through handling extra jobs or you just want to become your own boss, the option of pursuing online accounting is a great choice to make.

Freelancing has proven that it is a good career choice if you are an accountant who wants to increase their scope of work since you are handling most of the financial matters of your clients.

When you are working as an online accountant, you must record cash outflows and inflows, supervise, and examine the financial status of the client. You can expand the services you offer as well, rather than simply limiting the job description to these functions alone – here are some paths you can take in the online accounting sphere.

What are the different roles you can take?

Even though these roles are different, keep in mind that there might be some overlap.

Completing daily missions

You are likely to operate within standard working hours, even if you go freelance – unless that is something you want to change. There are some exceptions to this though, such as when you are filing tax returns for clients during tax season.

Reviewing the financial statements

Regardless of whether you work in a company or for an individual, you will need to review financial documents at some point. This is to ensure all the figures are accurate and compliant with the regulations in place.

Career in online accounting
Career in online accounting

Boosting efficiency

An accountant should have some knowledge about streamlining a business in the financial sense, but this can also apply to an individual’s accounts if you are working with an individual client.

Recording payments

You will need to take charge of the spending and budget aspects as well. This will include sending invoices to partners or clients, approving purchases, and ensuring correct documentation.

The career chances for online accountants


If you are getting started in the online accounting jobs at Dormzi or some other organization and are unsure of where to begin, bookkeeping is a great place to break into the field and get used to it. It will also not need as many qualifications, as a bachelor’s degree is enough to get into most entry-level bookkeeping tasks.

Keep in mind though that its payment will be lower compared to other accounting tasks. Even though some of the jobs will land you a salary payment, it is also possible to take up remote work as well. Moreover, you can take up virtual assistant jobs, which allow you to offer the bookkeeping service even when you are on the road.

Financial analysis

When you are working as a financial analyst, you are helping a private individual client or a company to make decisions about their investment.

The only issue is that you will need a university degree and some boosts in accounting course diplomas, as well as experienced in the area. However, when you have all the qualifications, it is among the most rewarding accounting jobs you can take.

Personal financial advisor

The earnings you make here will depend on the rates you bill your clients, and you are free to make your money through several methods. You can decide to charge percentages of commission, a flat fee, or hourly rates, and sometimes you can combine 2 or all of these methods.

Mortgage underwriter

When you take up the tasks of mortgage underwriters, you are responsible for determining whether a person or business qualifies to get a bank loan. If you want to boost your earnings from freelancing jobs, then the job might not be a good choice for remote work – it actually works better if you are willing to stick with a specific client for a long time, or rise to senior accounting positions within a company.

Financial manager

This is great for accountants who want to work their way up the career field, and it involves you ensuring that everything is operating smoothly, as well as bringing up financial insights and strategic concepts to the business owner.

Even though accounting on a freelance basis sounds intimidating and difficult, it is not as hard as it sounds. The good news is that you can start slowly and work your way up, and networking with other freelance accountants will help you get an idea of what you want to focus on.

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