Bowling alleys in Singapore

Bowling has everything that almost everybody loves. The sport is cool and perfect for group parties besides being a fun way of spending an evening. You don’t have to go to the gym to get your heart pumping because bowling has you covered. Honestly, we might not be on board for sharing duckpin balls and footwear with everyone, but nothing can beat the excitement of a spare or a strike. Are you ready to hit the pins down with the bowling pacific fair? Here are the best bowling alleys in Singapore to get your fun on.

a.K bowling

This is ducked in the center of Orchard Road shopping centers. This place shoots a party thanks to the club’s lights, bites, booze, and groovy tunes to give you fun for several hours. While the game is not pocket-friendly, it makes up for the rates with much of the merriment. The house also has arrow machines, old-school arcade sports, and karaoke to grant you more fun moments.

b.Sonic Bowl

Why stay bored when Sonic bowl is here. Beat your boredom off at the Sonic Sowl. You will only need to pay four dollars and thirty cents per game and go fo a full beat. The house offers various genres like Malay pop, Latino cosmic nights, and 90s rock. At Sonic Bowl, you have plenty of fun choices for amenities like bbq points for barbequing adventures, rollerblading, KTV, and rent bikes for leg days to buzz your fortitude away.

c.Kallang bowl

Kallang bowl is perfect for an after-work pop-in for anyone looking to sweep off steam

You might have spent time there, but its current makeover is surprisingly amazing. This alley has more than twenty-two match standard touch screen control boards and lanes to enable you to keep your winning scores. Cool yourself off at the ice skating upstairs in the Kallang ice world if you are still on an adrenaline high.

d.Orchid Bowl

This fantastic city features lots of alleys for people to knock their pins. Orchid Cosmic bowling sessions allow you to double your bowling shoes like the dancing ones in a glow-in-the-dark surrounding. This does not only need experts as newbies can also attempt Minbowl, a diminutive version with automatic lighter bowling duckpins and bumpers.


For moments of family fun and adventure, visit the Super Bowl’s several locations around Singapore. Its prices are affordable, meaning that you can hit as many strikes as your heart desires. Super Bowl features an arcade space for maximum fun and entertainment thanks to its locations in Jurong, one of the oldest bowling alleys in Singapore.

f.Singapore Bowling

This is the place to be for anyone who needs an exhilarating bowling encounter as it houses thirty-eight alleys decked out in a silken, clean, and well-maintained design. This is where the state team trains and hosts tournaments, so it will be nice if you need a motivational boost.


It is a fun time; what are you going to spoil yourself with? If you are a bowling fan, then you have everything to keep you happy. Bowling pacific fair will be an excellent time passing and fun time moment for you.

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