Atlanta Roads: Worst in America or Just a Tourism Problem?

Atlanta is a thriving city with tourism and rich history. The city is a metropolitan of the famous state of Georgia. People of Atlanta love life and they know how to make their tourists welcome. From the National History Museum to the famous World of Coca Cola, there are a lot of places where you can hang out with your family or lovers!

However, there is one thing that sometimes upsets the people of Atlanta. Indeed, we are talking about the traffic of Atlanta that apparently SUCKS big time! The city is extremely busy, hustling, and bustling with people, cars, and whatnot.

You really don’t get a lot of space on the roads to walk. The city is extremely developed and obviously, there are a lot of places that contribute greatly to the State economy. However, the roads and highways of the city are still far from being developed.

Why are roads like this? Is this an unplanned construction issue or it has simply something to do with the way people of Hotlanta behave?

Read this article to find out the top reasons why traffic in Atlanta one of the worst.

Phone Use

It has been observed that people in the city love to use their phones. And by love, I don’t mean common scrolling of social apps while being on their bed. In fact, many accidents in Atlanta have been reported to be caused by distracted driving.

It seems like Atlantans surely cannot wait for the right time to capture that perfect selfie. Everyone has access to the latest mobile phones and gadgets which believe you me sometimes can get irresistible. You think that while you are waiting on the red light, checking your phone is safe but it really isn’t. Don’t take a risk even if something from the skies tells you to use your phone behind the wheel.

Your snaps and Instagram stories can wait!

Some People Don’t Follow Traffic Rules

Now, this seems like a global problem. Millions of people do not obey the traffic rules or use the right indicators, lane changing techniques, or even keep their car maintenance on point. Such people are either drunk, under the influence of some intoxicant or even unaware of traffic rules (for example teenage drivers, foreigners, and tourists). Just don’t forget to claim compensation if you wind up at the accident doctor Atlanta because of such reckless drivers.

Unavailability of Service Roads

There are no service roads and because of this, traffic from every other connecting road is coming from the same road. Whether you are on the roads of the industrial sector or the connector roads, you will find very few ways to drive off the interstate. Even people who want to leave the roads are unable to do until the desired interchange comes.

Traffic Fines

As discussed above, there are quite a few rule-breakers found on the roads of Atlanta causing nuisance and disturbance to the normal course of traffic. This is why the former Mayor, Kasim Reed ordered the traffic judges to increase the fines to those who violate the traffic rules.

The purpose of this was to generate revenue of $7 million from the people. While the traffic flow seemed to have improved but, there are a lot more traffic checkpoints, speed breakers, and traffic sergeants waiting to stop you and might issue you a fine.

People Care

This might seem like an odd topic but people of the South are way too nice especially the middle-aged and older folk who grew up with the teachings of their pastored mothers and large families. They will stop to give way to some pedestrians or a motorist who is clearly distracted

What Atlantans need to do is to stop being so generous all the time! You need to understand that only stopping such people is the solution to stop abrupt traffic jams. And for this, by no means give them the way or stop for people who are breaking the traffic rules.

You can be all nice you want but, next time you are suffering from a bulging disc in the neck, don’t complain that you were only “being nice on the road”.

Carelessness by Pedestrians

Drivers are not the only ones responsible for the bad traffic in Atlanta. There are some pedestrians who do not follow the traffic rules. Many pedestrians do not even care about the speed of the traffic and put their feet on the busy roads.

You know why?

Because most of them are certain that you will stop your car and as always play your role of being a nice person because this is what your folks taught you. Since most of the pedestrians know that they are not following the traffic rules, they don’t get mad at people on abrupt brakes. You have to be extremely cautious if you are driving across the neighborhood and market-based areas in the cities.

Abrupt Lane Changing

Oh, this is the worst. Just imagine a scenario where you are headed home after a hard day at work and someone just speeds their way ahead of you filling the necessary car gap. The rage you can encounter at that stage is understandable. These kinds of drivers are who get themselves and the other person at an accident doctor Atlanta’s office. So, be careful and never ever overspeed in Atlanta. It is better to be careful because some of the worst accidents in American history have happened in this city.

Cyclists on the Roads

You are not fully recovered from the shock that cars have given you so far and from a distance, you see a flock of cyclists advancing towards you. The first question that arises in this scenario is: Why are you even on the road?

Cycling on the roads might seem more of a New York thing to Americans but over the past few years, Atlanta certainly has seen her fair share of cyclists. Cycling on the roads is observed and practiced by many people across the globe but in a city where people are already fed up with the high levels of traffic, cyclists just seem a burden on the road.


Despite being one of the best cities in America, Atlanta always has some room for improvement. There is always construction one way or the other on the roads. Whether it is regular road maintenance or they are finally coming towards a solution for the road issues suffered by Atlantans on a daily basis, the roads do go through a considerable amount of maintenance. If you are not cautious with the road blockades and cones, you have more chances of getting a bulging disc in the neck than the person who is hammering away the road.  


Despite having some road issues, Atlanta is one of the best tourist spots in the world. Just make sure that you are aware of everything that goes on there and keep the road traffic in mind. For Atlantans, Atlanta is their heart and soul but for you, it is a missed opportunity if you visit Georgia and do not stop to take a 3 to 4 day tour of the city we know as the New York of the South.

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