Techniques To Fix The Problem Of Astro A40 Mic Not Working On Xbox One

Often Astro A40 mic not working on Xbox one, as it is not set as per the default device on users’ computer. The problem of Astro A40 mic not working on Xbox one can be either of low volume or if is in mute condition.

Astro headphones provide good performance of the microphone. The recording quality is also satisfactory helping people on opposite side to cope up with the scenario.

The headsets are available with micro-USB cable that is successfully connected with the PC’s headset.

Factors Hindering Astro A40 Mic to Work

Astro A40 is a professional headset that gamers and broadcasters use. It works on various platforms like PS4, Mac and PCs. Sometimes users face problem when Astro A40 stuck on mute.

Techniques To Fix The Problem Of Astro A40 Mic Not Working On Xbox One
Factors Hindering Astro A40 Mic to Work

Problems of Astro A40 Mic on PC- Users sometimes face problem of Astro A40 mic not working on PC without mixamp. Users must select the correct mode in the mixamp.

For this users need to press the power button for three seconds which automatically changes the mode from Xbox to PC mode.

  • Problem arises when the cable is not properly inserted into the jack of the headset.
  • When settings are not appropriate to the default device.
  • Problem of USB port.

Problems of Astro A40 Mic on Xbox One- Users have question regarding why is the mic not working on Xbox one.

  • Due to physical damage to the microphone.
  • Application software glitch.
  • Selecting inappropriate options within Xbox One system settings.

Procedure To Fix the Problem of Astro A40 Mic On PC

Users face a lot of problem when Astro A40 randomly stops working. So, users need to concentrate to fix the problem of Astro A40 mic not working on PC.

  • To Analyse Hardware Issues- If Astro A40 headsets are connected with loose cables or wrong jack, it should be connected with different port.
  • To Make the Volume Audible- The mic on A40 creates trouble to work as the volume is very low or mute.
  • Clicking the sound icon present on the lower-right of the screen.
  • Moving the Volume Slider all along its path until the desired volume come up.
  • To Adjust the Audio Settings- After inserting any audio device, Windows set it as the default audio playback device. Sometimes users need to set default devices manually.
Techniques To Fix The Problem Of Astro A40 Mic Not Working On Xbox One
Procedure To Fix the Problem of Astro A40 Mic On PC

Right-clicking on the “Sound” icon at the lower-right of the screen→clicking on “Sounds”→clicking the “Recording” tab→then clicking on “Your Microphone device”→to click on “Set Default”→again clicking on  “Your Microphone device”→click on “Properties”→selecting “Levels” tab→Dragging the microphone slider to all its way→clicking “Ok”.

  • To Update the Audio Driver- The problem arises when users use outdated audio driver. It can be done with the assistance of Driver Easy.
  • Users have to download and install Driver Easy.
  • They will run Driver Easy and click on Scan Now button.
  • To click on Update All to download and install the updated version of the driver.
  • Users should restart the device.

Process To Solve Problem of Astro A40 Mic on Xbox One- Users have doubts regarding why is mic not working on Xbox One, it can be solved through-

  • In some cases users need to disconnect the mic with its associates and again reconnecting it.
  • If headsets are in mute condition, users have to press the button to unmute the mic.
  • Team members sometimes want mute audio from other players. Users should have to turn audio back on.
  • Echo occurs when mic pick up TV audio. So, TV volume should be reduced.
  • Users have to increase the mic volume from Xbox controller settings and can adjust the audio volume manually.
  • Users can test the mic on other devices with the help of Skype or Telegram app. If it works properly then there is problem with Xbox One console.
  • To update the Xbox controller occasionally in the controller’s device settings.
  • To enable voice chat. Settings→Account→privacy and online safety→view details and cutsomise→communicate with voice and text.
  • To check the Xbox network status as voice chat for many games are dependent on Microsoft Xbox network.
  • To check users’ internet speed and connectivity.

Methods to Solve Problems of Astro A40 Mic on PS4- In order to solve the problem of Astro A40mic not working on PS4 without mixamp, users must check the PS4 settings.

  • PS4 settings>Devices>Audio devices.
  • Clicking “Input Device” and to select “Headset Connected to Controller”.
  • Clicking “Output Device”.
  • Clicking on “Volume Control” and to set the level to maximum.
  • Clicking on “Headphones” and to select “All Audio”.
  • Clicking “Adjust Microphone level”.

Ways to Fix Problems of Astro Command Centre- There are several ways to get rid of the problem of Astro Command Centre not detecting A40.

  • Users need to plug the right cable.
  • It is very essential to change the modes in mixamp.
  • To update the firmware to latest version.
  • To use different USB port.
  • To replace faulty device.
  • To check the users’ network connectivity.

Procedure to Test Mic on Xbox One- Sometimes users wander about how to test mic on Xbox One, there are some easy aspects to consider.

  • Users have to log in to the Xbox live account on Xbox One console.
  • Pressing the Xbox menu button for opening the guide.
  • Scrolling to the “Party” menu option.
  • Clicking on “Start a party”.
  • The mic should not be muted; users can mute and unmute pressing the Y button on the controller.
  • Users need to speak into the microphone and if it works, users can view their profile picture.

Obstacles of Astro A40 TR- Users face problem of Astro mixamp pro TR not working. It mainly focuses on four major problems.

  • Speakers fail to produce audio. If fully charged headsets unable to produce audio, then there is possibility of broken speakers and it must be replaced.
  • Unable to turn on headsets. Users need to clear the dirt from import jack.
  • Problem of microphone to work. Unmute the headset and then after plugging fails to operate, then the mic must be replaced.
  • When external components break mainly the headband, it should be replaced.


How Do Users Get Astro A40 Mic To Work On Xbox One?

Users can get Astro A40 mic to work after plugging in the Xbox One Chat Cable to the bottom of the Xbox Controller. Then users have to connect the other end with the cable port located below the microphone earcup.

Why Is Mic Not Working On Astro A40?

Sometimes the mic on A40 stops working either the volume is low or mute. It can be also due to outdated version of the audio driver.

Why Is Astro Headset Mic Not Working?

The Astro headset mic might not work due to the old version of the operating system of the device used. The volume can be very low or mute hindering proper functioning of the headset.

Why Is Mic Not Working On Xbox?

It can be due to when the mike is in mute condition, old version of the firmware and can due to the physical damage of the microphone. All these prevent mic from working on Xbox.

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