Aspects to Check While Renting a Boat in Sydney Harbour

Aspects to Check While Renting a Boat in Sydney Harbour
Aspects to Check While Renting a Boat in Sydney Harbour

Every year, Sydney hosts the iconic 628 nautical miles Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, running down the southeast Aussie coast and into the Bass Strait. Following the tradition for 75 years, the race commences at 1 pm on Boxing Day with people gathering to see the boats off.

The harbour region is also home to some of the isolated pristine beaches, like the Milk Beach. The best way to enjoy the outdoorsy actions and great vantage points around the harbour is by hiring a private vessel.

An online search for a boat for hire in Sydney Harbour will show you the region’s best rental service providers. They are known for their luxurious boats that speak volumes about the city’s high lifestyle. Here are a few critical aspects you should evaluate while renting a boat in Sydney Harbour.

Offered Services

The ICC Sydney hosting the 25th annual 2020 NSW Wine Award Presentation Luncheon is a testament to how Aussies celebrate their exceptional wines. On the other hand, nothing says “Oz” like sizzling a snag on a barbie.

While renting a vessel from a trusted service provider, ensure they offer services that resonate with the deep-seated elements of Harbour City’s rich heritage. From fine dining, light and sound systems to other value-added services, all offerings should match your lifestyle expectations.

Rental Charges

Sydney ranks 11th in the world’s most expensive cities to relocate. Also, it is costlier than in 91% of the world’s top 216 cities.

Considering the high cost of living in Sydney, reputed service providers offer licenced boats on hourly rent charges, ranging from $350 to $3500. 

Look for a boat for hire in Sydney Harbour that presents rental charges justifying the boat style and services onboard, without any hidden fees.

Corporate Events Hosting Services

The services industry makes up for the largest percentage of registered businesses in Sydney at about 22%. With CBA and WBC ranking as the top companies in the capital city, the city’s corporate sector thrives to achieve new heights. 

While renting a boat, ensure you can host corporate events, matching the corporate standards, even in terms of safety. Check if the service provider offers the best cocktails, casual buffet and sophisticated presentation facilities, giving an enterprise feel in a breathtaking ambience.

Private Events Hosting Services

NSW is the most expensive state to get married in as a whole, with Sydneysiders spending about $17,000 on their wedding venue. But hosting such lavish celebrations on a rental vessel can be easy on your wallet.

Confirm with the rental boat services if they offer packages with all required facilities to celebrate private occasions, like birthday parties and other family get-togethers. Ensure they also include DJ and other entertainment options that will leave your guests awestruck.

Offered Boat Styles

Luxury yacht, catamaran, sailing, pontoon and powerboats are the most common boat styles you can see in and around Sydney Harbour.

Check if the service vendor presents at least 100 to 140 boat varieties, with varying capacities, services and under different budget ranges, to help you make an easy choice.

If those on board a recreational vessel are not members of the same household, the NSW Maritime advises maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 m. Understand your requirements, keep your guest list short and rent the right boat from a reputed service provider to experience the best time of your life with your loved ones.


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