Advantages of the Troparé Sales Prospecting Tool

Troparé offers a sales prospecting tool that helps businesses locate, prepare and make contact with their sales leads in a matter of seconds. With t-Prospector, you can easily browse and look up any business you are interested in. The tool allows you to produce targeted leads within the sales prospecting application based on a wide range of business demographics, marketability, and industry categories. Sign up for a free trial now, and get access to all the essential business data you need.

Troparé B2B sales prospecting tool

Instantly access millions of business records and prime your prospects within seconds. By using the Troparé B2B sales prospecting tool, you can search for new business opportunities, generate leads, and hunt for promising prospects on a daily basis.

Built by a leading name in the data-driven ecosystem, t-Prospector empowers you to rule your prospects with bountiful volumes of data. Use this innovative data-centered tool to layer and visualize vast quantities of sales intelligence data and stay on top of your industry.

Your sales representatives will know exactly what they need to know about their prospects such as their identity, location, and engagement level. Get sales intelligence and prospects data all in a single-per-business view.

Top 4 awesome features of Troparé sales prospecting tool

Troparé t-Prospector comes loaded with a ton of useful business intelligence tools that are designed to help you take your brand to the next level. Optimize your sales processes from A to Z, and get all the key insights at your fingertips.

  •   Data diagnostics

You can add overlays and all kinds of data sources to boost your seller insights.

  •   Closed-loop data flow

Businesses can seamlessly integrate their data and push disposition data through their customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

  •   Proven performance

Over 4.5 million global users trust the Troparé Inc. app development platform due to its proven performance. Sign up for t-Prospector and be a part of the millions of users who are benefiting from Troparé Studio.

Why t-Prospector is one of the best sales prospecting tools

  •   Use case and positioning

Troparé sales prospector is best positioned for customer relationship management software or lead-nurturing platforms. This helps to drive sales-qualified leads and prospects right through your sales funnel.

  •   Accelerate sales away from your desk

Get immediate access to sales intelligence and prospects data 24/7. t-Prospector comes with a full package for a B2B data universe. This includes credit data and marketability, which means users can easily access several millions of updated business leads.

  •   Location-aware

t-Prospector uses your device’s GPS information along with a proprietary smart-prefix technology to generate a list of the nearest prospects to your current location. Moreover, you can choose to browse for prospects in multiple locations as well. An in-built virtual reality program offers you a platform to visualize your prospects.

  •   Endless customization

t-Prospector is fully customizable, and you can integrate it with your existing sales methodologies, routines, workflows, and data. You can run it on different operating systems ranging, including smartphones and tablets. Mobile prospecting tools have become vitally important for B2B sales professionals today as they help them gather sales intelligence on the field.

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