A Look Back at some of the Best Furniture Brands this 2020

    A Look Back at some of the Best Furniture Brands this 2020
    A Look Back at some of the Best Furniture Brands this 2020

    After having to stay indoors for most of the year, there is no doubt that we have almost memorized our homes. Things like the position of every potted plant in the garden, down to the arrangement of the shampoo bottles you picked up after the pandemic started.

    In all of this seemingly endless year, have you ever daydreamed of having fancier furniture while staring at your current set? It is natural to look for better things while we are in dark times.

    Learning about the Best Furniture Brand Options

    Now is the time to window shop and learn about the best furniture brands this 2020. If you are going to dream of pretty furniture, you might as well dream big. Anything that survived in 2020 will surely be an excellent choice for 2021.

    Here are the top furniture brands that still thrived this 2020.


    Everybody has most definitely heard of La-Z-Boy. They have been known mostly for their comfortable recliners. And yes, this brand produces its furniture in the USA. The La-Z-Boy company started in Monroe, Michigan, and has spread out with manufacturing companies and plants in another five states that include California, Tennessee, and Arkansas. They have made their mark so well that they have been the go-to for anybody looking for some quality recliners. This brand offers a wide selection of these comfortable chairs, all with cool features that help in swiveling, rocking, high-leg, and many more recliner styles. 

    One good move the company made was to create not just chairs but now, furniture that you can in the dining room, the bedroom, and even the outdoors. The style they have decided to focus on does not necessarily look fancy or out of this world. They design pieces that are lowkey and simple. Straight to the point. Classic and traditional. This makes their products timeless.

    Hooker Furniture

    Throughout the years, Hooker Furniture is one of the best in the industry. The company’s range of catalog can offer up all sorts of styles from traditional ones up to the sleek and modern ones.

    Hooker Furniture will usually import an extensive line of furniture out of wood for the bedroom, living room accents, office, and even entertainment furniture. There are also a few more extras like furniture that come with leather from factories around the world. The key here is that Hooker Furniture will oversee the engineering and furnishing of these things from start to finish. 


    Stickley is one of the absolute best-known brands out there today that specializes in high-end wooden furniture. This level of success is also mostly because this brand has been around for more than 120 years. Besides the specialties in wood furniture, they also specialize in fine upholstery. They are so good at this that they had played an essential role in the development of American Craftsman decor styles.

    Today, ninety percent of their pieces are manufactured in facilities found in New York and North Carolina. Stickley offers a wide range of furniture that includes living room dining and bedroom, as well as collections that you can place in offices. Most of the themes all center on Arts and Crafts and even Traditional styles of furniture. All of which do feature some classy leather upholstery, especially the sofa and chair sets.

    Since these kinds of furniture are made by a brand that has a significant amount of longevity under its belt, most of their products and pieces are pretty hefty in price. But, think of it as an investment instead. As these pieces are technically already collector’s items level of furniture.

    Lexington Home Brands

    This brand is a global leader when it comes to the design, sourcing, and manufacturing of home furnishings. This brand was founded in 1903 and has grown into one of the most respected companies in the home furnishing industry.

    As a brand operating for over a century, Lexington Home Brands boasts a vast assortment of lifestyle collections. This company also produces home furnishings that are for the contract and hospitality markets. 

    Today, Lexington Home Brands continue to produce recognized consumer brands that are made with outstanding craftsmanship since they have an absolute unbreakable commitment to quality. But with an increase in quality also comes an increase in pricing, which is natural. However, with the history of quality and success, price will not be such an issue for Lexington Home Brand Furniture.

    Vermont Woods Studio

    Let’s talk about a brand that focuses on wooden furniture. This company was founded back in 2005. And even though it’s a bit younger than most of the ones on this list, they still made their mark pretty clear because of the quality furniture they have produced. Vermont Woods Studio uses wood from North American forests that are well managed. The wood taken from this forest was harvested using specialized processes that are made to protect animal habitats. It is the same process that helps in preserving the long-term health of the forest itself. Here, you will find almost any type of wooden furniture that is a clear fit for the bedroom, dining room, living room, as well as furniture that would look well in the office.


    Founded in Lenoir, NC by John Bernhardt, this brand has continued to be one of the most popular brands because their pieces are synonymous with elegance, beauty, and all-round top quality. They have been one of the driving forces of America’s furniture industry from back in 1890.

    Bernhardt Furniture features eye-catching furniture that is designed to include a few modern design styles. It is their way to keep up with the current trends in the industry. At the same time, these pieces are also laced with traditional design elements that help keep them grounded.

    At Bernhardt Furniture, skilled craftsmen create unique pieces using hand techniques. It helps create one of a kind pieces of furniture. In essence, this makes them works of art. Each of them is unique. Hence like most of the kinds of furniture listed here, these become collector’s items. Pricey ones. But again, these would be worth every dollar spent.

    More and more furniture brands and companies are popping up all over the world today. The number of designs and options for beautiful furniture is endless at this point. And next year, we may or may not see these brands in lists like this. But what is for sure, is that we will be able to see new ones soon.


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