A Kangaroo Crosses A Country Highway And All Hell Breaks Loose- How Is Your Insurance?

It was a quiet day on the rural highway, just a few Sunday drivers out for a spin around the countryside, a bus bound for distant parts, and a truck full of hay headed for the farmer’s market. That was when the thirsty kangaroo innocently bounced across the road on its way to find some greener pastures in the midst of the draught, and all holy hell broke loose. The poor old fellow in his vintage sedan slammed on his brakes to avoid the sudden presence of a living creature in his path, but lost control, spinning sideways. The young couple in the minivan behind him were following a bit too closely because they were about to pass the slow old gent, and ploughed right into the side of his sedan. The bus driver, distracted by a passenger complaining about the cleanliness of the restrooms, saw what was happening just in time to turn hard to the left, missing the pile-up, but sending his bus careening off into a rocky field, where the momentum tipped it over on its side. The hay truck, which really needed some new brakes, sailed right into the minivan, spilling its contents of hay all over the scene like yellow icing on a still-smoking, blown-out birthday cake.

When the ambulances eventually arrived they had their work cut out for them. By some kind of divine providence, no one lost their lives that day, but a lot of people were injured, and some badly. The old fellow in the sedan felt terrible about the whole affair as he nursed his broken arm. Once the dust had settled and he was in the back of the ambulance the only thing he could take solace in was the fact that he had ambulance cover only insurance so at least he wouldn’t be stuck with that bill.

Meanwhile, the bus driver, who was now walking with a slight limp, but otherwise unscathed, was on the phone to his lawyer. He knew he would need a good one to clear his name of the mess he was partially responsible for. He figured he would come out all right since he intended to blame that stupid person who had been badgering him about the restrooms whilst he was trying to drive! He was immensely relieved that none of his passengers had been killed, things could have been so much worse, but a number of them would be spending the night in the hospital instead of reaching those distant parts they were bound for. Despite it all, the bus driver was proud of the badass James Bond driving stunt he had pulled off, which definitely saved some lives that day.

According to the Australian National Road Safety Strategy website around 1,200 people are killed each year on Australia’s roads, and about 40,000 are seriously injured. Are there any morals to this story? Always drive with caution and have good insurance!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the kangaroo was unharmed.

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