A few Interesting Things to Know About 80% Lowers

When we talk about rifles, the AR-15 is the most well-known rifle among its competitors due to its easy customization. An 80% lower receiver gives you freedom in customizing and making your assault rifle. All gun enthusiasts like playing with an 80 % lower receiver, however, for an amateur, this could be tricky especially if they don’t have the right equipment. Visit www.80percentarms.com/80-lowers/ to find out more about 80 lowers. Following are a couple of interesting facts about them;


Forging is the only and well-known method for making lower receivers. It starts with a solid block of raw aluminum; the final product will be forged using hydraulic hammers. Once everything is done, it will then be transferred in its original raw shape to be finally turned into a lower receiver product with the help of a CNC machine.


A solid block of aluminum is also used in making a billet. This method, as compared to other methods, only uses a CNC machine for the creation of 80 lower receivers. They are a very time-consuming process, but the end product is worth that extra time.


This method, in particular, involves pouring liquid metal into a mold in the desired shape of an 80% lower receiver. Once the mold gets hard enough, it can be easily removed and finished on a CNC machine. However, perfect casting is the key to making excellent and workable lower; therefore, it’s a time-consuming activity.


When it comes to buying a firearm composition kit, it gives you more control over the product. You cannot entirely consider it a firearm since it is only 80% built at the time of purchase which saves the customer a lot of trouble. One of the important things is this whole process of making the product is controlled, which makes your self-built 80 lower arm more personal and well-built according to your need. Once finished, you can add further details to your customized AR-15 rifle to make it more in line with your personality and style.


This process, in particular, saves cost compared to customizing a pre-built pistol or rifle. 80% lowers are cheaper and can be molded according to your requirements. However, pre-built rifles don’t offer much customization, and even if they do, it will be costly, and the results might not be according to your satisfaction.

Most people do not care about saving money while building their firearm and put an extra amount of money into a highly functional, loaded 80% lower. A well-known fact about this process is that some inexperienced customers usually spend more money on a customized choice than a pre-made gun. However, money will not be an issue if you are a gun enthusiast, as you want your gun to mimic your style and personality. Remember to use proper tools and read the manual before making a gun out of lower 80. Additionally, consider local laws as most states consider lower receiver illegal and a proper firearm.

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