8 Fun Festivities Americans Celebrate in Good Cheer

Holidays and festivities are what most people, if not all, expect every time a new year starts. Surely, we all have our own favorite holidays where there is to be scrumptious food, an exciting atmosphere, and of course, the company of our family and friends! Here in the US, we have our own share of fun and laughter with different holidays. Those days not only allow us to be together after tiring days but also allow us to commemorate historical events this amazing country has seen. With this, we offer you a list of the most festive holidays that most Americans and tourists alike expect.

1. Independence Day

Independence Day or the Fourth of July is an event that makes every American feel proud of their country. Nationalism defines this day as we commemorate the day of our independence from Britain. It was on July 4th, 1776 when the United States was declared independent of Britain by the Continental Congress. There has been a historical event on the said date that it marked Independence Day, making the USA the land of the free. On this holiday, families and friends alike spend time and go to parades to watch fireworks. They also hold picnics and eat pizza, burgers, and grill some tender meat. Some go camping or hold backyard movie nights. This event defines patriotism and being with your fellowmen are. If you want to know more about 4th of July facts, you can look it up on facts.net.

2. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has also been one of the much-awaited holidays in the US. This commemorates the harvest and the first feast held by the pilgrims and the Native Americans. This day is marked by great remembrance and thankfulness as Americans get together with family and friends over festive meals. Of course, the star of this banquet is a turkey! During Thanksgiving, families, and friends will recite the things they are thankful about. During this time, some also gather around for a movie. Of course, what are holidays without heart-warming conversations with family?

3. Halloween

Some say that most holidays are for kids. But we believe that Halloween is a holiday for all ages. November 1st has been the All Saints’ Day for Christians. On the day before it, they commemorate All Hallows Eve which then became Halloween. This day is believed to be the chance for the dead to linger on our world before they move to the next world. 

Therefore, this day is marked by fun and spooky house decorations like spider webs, Jack-o-Lanterns, and other decorations that make your hairs stand on end. Of course, kids love dressing up in costumes during this day and go house-to-house asking for a trick or treat. For teens and adults, they love throwing Halloween parties where they are free to also dress up and have fun, Halloween-themed drinks.

4. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

These holidays are celebrated all over the globe as we welcome a new year with new hope, aspirations, and resolutions! For Americans, apart from how other people from other countries do it, they usually go to Times Square in Manhattan, New York. At midnight before January 1, they come to watch an enormous ball of crystal and electric lights hanging on a 77 feet pole as a tradition. Many also watch it on television and have a celebration of their own marked with great food and fireworks.

5. Super Bowl Sunday

Every first Sunday of February, Americans would expect the Superbowl championship of professional rugby or American football. This is also the event where people enjoy different commercials in their race to be the wittiest commercial. The hottest and popular pop stars are also invited to perform a breathtaking halftime show.

6. Valentine’s Day

Just like in any other country, Americans also celebrate the day of love or Valentine’s Day. This is where couples go out on a special date and celebrate being together in romance and in health. This is also marked by giving flowers and chocolates to someone you adore.

7. Easter

This is in celebration of the day Jesus rose from the dead. People go to church and honor the Lord Jesus and ask for His grace. For others, they celebrate this by having an Easter egg hunt and coloring Easter eggs. During this holiday, Easter bunnies are also the stars!

8.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

As they usually say, this is the most wonderful time of the year! In celebration of the birth of Jesus, people gather around and give gifts to each other over large meals. Family and friends have heartwarming meals together and enjoy Christmas decorations that light up the streets.

Celebrate each holiday in good cheer!

Here are just some festivities that Americans expect. If you want to know more facts about such festivities, you can check it all out at facts.net.


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