8 countries you should visit after the COVID-19 pandemic

    8 countries you should visit after the COVID-19 pandemic
    8 countries you should visit after the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic is like a dark nightmare for all of us. Our lives have been put into a stop and have turned our world upside down. Everything has changed and some of us have already known someone who has fallen from the disease. Amid these dark times, we still look forward for the pandemic to end and usher in a whole new beginning for all of us. Once all of this has ended, we all deserve a break—a vacation. With this, here are the countries you ought to visit once the COVID-19 pandemic has ended:

    1. Spain

    For starters, let us go somewhere vibrant! Spain has been one of the countries that tops our lists on places that you must visit once it is safe outside. It offers you great architecture, buzzing nightlife, priceless museums, and posh, high-class hotels. Of course, who would forget the awesome food and drinks? You can also check out their show-stopping flamenco dances or if you are into sports, get a seat at their stadium and watch a real soccer match. Check out these Spain facts so you will be informed once you visit!

    2. France

    Fall in love with and in the city of love here in France! If culture tops your agenda in travelling, Paris might be your best destination. Paris is said to lead in the performing arts. Stroll through their glamorous cities and have an Emily in Paris moment. If picturesque villages are your thing, France also offers you a quiet countryside which provides you warmth and homey feels with wine, cheese, sweets, and all the finer things in life.

    3.  Greece

    Blue skies, ancient architecture, and a trip back in the olden days. This is what Greece offers you. Feel like one of the gods and goddesses as you take a stroll at their tourist attractions. Here in Greece, you would also have an Aphrodite-rising-out-of-the-sea-foam moment with their pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Check out their scrumptious food and heavenly beach resorts.

    4. United Kingdom

    Visit the country of class and culture here at the United Kingdom, particularly London as they boast their world-class British museums. Sing along at their musicals at the West End of London or tour the Tower of London. Here in the United Kingdom, every corner is for your amusement! Immerse with the British people and try getting a hint of their sexy, sexy British accent!

    5. Italy

    Italy has been one of the countries most devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, it is just apt to visit our Italian friends and offer them our sincerest support. As they face another chapter of their lives after the pandemic, they will need all the support and solidarity from everyone. Support them as they reopen their economy and enjoy the tourist destinations that they offer. Aside from Paris, Italy also boasts being one of the epitomes of culture and arts. Marvel at the wonderful Italian cities and villages. Left and right, you can also find world heritage sites. More than this, who can forget their sinful, scrumptious food?

    6. Norway

    What is good with European destinations without the right Scandinavian feels to it? Check out the icy fjords and clear waters in Norway. Every night, you are in for a spectacular show of lights as you witness the magical Aurora Lights at Tromsø, Norway. That place is close to the Arctic Circle, so you better bundle up! More than this, you can also enjoy skiing, taking in the scenery of their waterfalls, stroll in their coastal towns, and more!

     7. Netherlands

    Take a visit and enjoy their posh streets and explore historical museums in Amsterdam. This is the place of the world-renowned painter Vincent Van Gogh. Amsterdam is also one of the must-visits in the Netherlands. It boasts of vibrant nightlife and lots of gorgeous canals. Meet people from different countries here with their gorgeous canals. Aside from Amsterdam, the Dutch can also offer you their wonderful city of Rotterdam. Here, you can witness unique and modern architecture. If you also want something quiet yet romantic, Netherlands’ towns and villages offer charming architecture.

    8. Sweden

    Visit one of the happiest countries in the world! If you are in for a fairy tale, Sweden still has its handsome palaces like the Stockholm Palace. Drottningholm Palace is also a showstopper. Aside from palaces, there are also castles. Sweden also offers you a vibrant nightlife.

    Now that you have a list of possible countries to visit once the world is safe, you can start choosing your dose of an adventure from the lists above. Just make sure that before booking your flight, you are well-informed about the norms of the culture you will be visiting. Do not forget as well to, of course, enjoy and keep safe!


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