7 Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract

7 Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract
7 Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract

How to use horse chestnut for varicose veins? The answer to this question is being sought by many and for your ease, we have done the research for you so that you can find all the information in one place.

Horse Chestnut is a tree that grows in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. For a very long time, the tree and its components are known to have healing elements- examples of these components include its seed, bark, and leaves.

Horse chestnut extract usually refers to the extracts from its seed, which contains a compound known as ‘aescin’ which is commonly used to treat varicose veins. Varicose veins refer to the veins in the legs and feet which appear to be blue or dark purple.

These may be enlarged and knobby, as they become swollen and cause pain and discomfort, thus requiring medical treatment. 

Following are the seven most important health benefits of using horse chestnut extract, including- and not limiting to- treating varicose veins: 

1. Increases blood flow 

One of the symptoms of varicose veins, as mentioned, is swelling. This can be caused due to low blood flow in the specific areas of the leg. Horse chestnut extract is said to have properties that increase blood flow, hence curing the swelling aspect of varicose veins.

This is supported by studies by reputed health databases, which suggest that taking horse chestnut extract (along with applying relevant gels) helped reduced symptoms of varicose veins like swelling, said John O. from essay writer.

2. Decreases leg pain

Another symptom of varicose veins is pain and discomfort. This is caused due to the swelling and bulgy nature of the veins in the leg, which results in cramps and severe pains. While this leg pain is caused by varicose veins, other causes of pains around the rectal and anal area can be hemorrhoids, which can be treated through the medicinal properties of horse chestnut extract. 

3. Decreases inflammation 

Inflammation is when a person witnesses some redness and/or warmth on their skin. This is a reaction to white blood cells protecting one’s body from what it considers as an ‘invader’. When inflammation occurs, horse chestnut extract is said to decrease it, primarily due to the component known as ‘aescin’. 

This component itself is therapeutic, as studies show that creams and gels containing this component decrease inflammation and swelling. The fact that horse chestnut extract is rich with aescin makes it very beneficial in treating inflammatory diseases. 

7 Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract
7 Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract

4. Acts as an antioxidant 

Antioxidants are those substances that protect the body from molecules that are formed when the body breaks down the food that a person eats, which sometimes can be harmful to some organs like the heart. Too much of these molecules can damage cells in the blood or cause inflammation. 

Inflammation itself can be treated with certain antioxidants, like quercetin. It is proven through studies that horse chestnut extracts have antioxidant properties, due to the aescin present in them. It helps fight molecules that could be potential harm to people when they sit in a tobacco dense environment or when they eat something that reduces a lot of radical molecules. 

5. Helps with male infertility 

As discussed, horse chestnut extracts have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help reduce swelling in organs and other body parts. Often times, male infertility is caused by the swelling of the veins near the testicles. This not only affects the production of sperms but also restricts their movement and quality. The properties of horse chestnut are such that they reduce swelling, hence fixing- or help to combat- infertility in men. 

6. Reduces itchiness 

CVI- Chronic Venous Insufficiency- is a condition that entails poor blood flow in the body, particularly the arteries and veins in the leg. This condition can cause multiple symptoms like ulcers, weakness, and excessive itchiness in the leg. This itchiness and weakness can be cured by increasing blood flow in the place of itchiness.

This is primarily because the blood flow in the body soothes and rejuvenates tissues and cells surrounding it. Thus, horse chestnut extract and aescin help increase the blood flow to the parts of the body that are not receiving sufficient blood, thus curing itchiness and ulcers. 

7. Fights cancer cells 

Certain tests have proved that cancer cells in the pancreas and lungs have been eliminated by aescin, thus reducing the cancer symptoms in one’s body. Such tests have also been proved by other studies that suggest that cancerous cells like tumor cells in cancers like leukemia have been curbed by the use of aescin, which is one of the components found in horse chestnut seed extracts.


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