6 Reasons Why Video Advertising Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

    6 Reasons Why Video Advertising Is The Future Of Digital Marketing
    6 Reasons Why Video Advertising Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

    Internet users regularly are well informed that the video surge is currently at an all-time high. Everyone enjoys watching videos on the internet, whether in an online group, on Facebook, or in simple interactions. That is why it is now important for businesses to have a video presence on the internet. It appears to be the objective of every company these days. Today’s digital marketers well understand the value of video marketing.

    According to statistics, video marketing is the most popular advertising in today’s world. Visual content is being used by 87 percent of online marketers to attract target consumers.

    51.9 percent of marketers worldwide consider Videos as the content marketing strategy that generates the highest ROI.

    In this article, we share 6 reasons why video ad campaigns are the future.

    Videos are the dominant content online

    By 2022, it is predicted that videos will account for around 82 percent of global internet traffic. This shows clearly that videos are the most popular kind of web traffic. Eighty-five percent of digital viewers watch at least one video, and 54 percent of customers want to see more videos from the companies and brands they like.

    This is most likely a sizable market for clients seeking useful material. As a result, it should come as no surprise that 87 percent of marketers now employ video advertising and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.  

    Advertisements in video attracts greater engagement among audience

    Video advertising is a combination of a few components that work together to capture viewers’ interest. Audio and motion are the two aspects. These characteristics play an important part in delivering an effective message, which leads to increased engagement. 

    Video advertising uses sound and movement to catch visitors’ attention, whereas text and image-based advertisements rely on grammar, copy, and diverse graphical cues to deliver the desired message.

    As a result, video ads are more effective in delivering a narrative to target audiences with a tailored message that is easy to understand and sticks in the minds of viewers for a long time.

    Video advertising is an integral part of social media 

    The early pioneers in this field are experiencing stiff competition as many technical inventions are occurring. To sustain, you have to be innovative and get creative using an online video editor and make videos that click among people. Marketers and consumers will benefit as a result of this. There are a variety of ways to reach out to your consumers and the option for them to pick and choose when they want to view your message.

    Data and statistics 

    • Between May and July 2014, video views on Facebook increased by 50%.
    • Vine allows you to concentrate on a single topic for a shorter time frame.
    • You get 15 seconds per clip on Instagram video, with the possibility to add unique filters.

    Video can help you rank higher on Google

    Videos, like textual content, include keywords that assist visitors in finding the video. Other video measures, on the other hand, can help video clips rank higher than written texts, such as:

    • User engagement: The longer the viewing duration, the more engaged the user is.
    • Comments enable more user interaction.
    • Social media shares
    • Higher rate of subscription
    • More people mention your videos
    • A higher percentage of repetitions of ‘watch later’

    For this year’s Super Bowl, Google introduced a real-time option that allowed businesses to strategically be a part of the game’s defining moments by inserting video advertisements across YouTube and 2 million partner sites.

    The user prefers video to print or television

    Unlike Television and print, which are targeted at a broad audience, you may create many versions for a lower cost and a wider audience.

    Did you know that video usage as a major medium of information has increased by 16 percent in the previous four years and that this number is only expected to rise in the next decade?

    The average watching duration and frequency of viewers define how well a video clip performed compared to the competition and the various ways in which it may be personalized for the audience.

    YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Blab, and Periscope are just a few of the video platforms that offer a variety of video formats, indicating that there is a large demand for every sort of video format.

    Purchase decisions are inextricably linked to the video


    • Video is important at every phase of the consumer’s buying process. Consumers invest in knowing more about a product from the moment they become aware of it until they buy it.
    • Companies that create video content have a 58 percent trust rating.
    • More product description videos are desired by 42% of shoppers.
    • Consumers desire videos on their devices in 57% of cases.
    • Restaurant videos are seen by 39% of people.
    • 70% of people watch videos while watching the tv.
    • Eighty-three percent prefer videos 5 minutes or less long, funny yet rational, and show the entire product.
    • Once you’ve gathered your consumer data, you’ll need to put together a solid video marketing plan to put it all together.

    Video Marketing as in Future

    In terms of business, video marketing is a step in the right way. Numerous video editing tools will not only help small businesses save time when creating high-quality videos, but it will also help them change their minds about the amount of effort that goes into making a promotional video. With technological inventions, more businesses will take the route to video promotion. 


    People respond positively to videos because of the sight, sound, motion, and high-quality experience they get while watching them. With more video apps arriving on the internet, the fight to capture consumer attention and keep users hooked has intensified.

    If you’re searching for a moderate, high-impact approach to promote your products and services online, video advertising is the way to go. The influence that videos have on audiences plainly shows that this trend is here to stay, and it will undoubtedly continue to create waves shortly.



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