6 Imperative Issues When Buying Sealy Beds

Do you want more value from your mattress? If so, one of the best options is a bed and mattress bundle. Just like a house foundation, a bed foundation like Sealy beds are needed to help anchor your new mattress. You also get more value since it can be quite expensive to buy a bed and mattress separately. To pick the best bed foundation, here are some key factors:

Bed & Mattress Bundle

When you purchase a bed base, you can either buy them separately or as a bundle. As always, a bed and mattress bundle has pros and cons. The main benefit is you can save time, effort, and money purchasing both items in one go.

On the other hand, while the cost will generally be lower, it will still be higher than just purchasing a bed foundation or memory foam mattress, for example. Thus, it would help if you considered whether a bed and mattress bundle is the best option based on your individual needs.


Based on studies, one of the most important features of bed bases is that they are silent and squeak-free. Studies show that low noise levels in a sleep environment can help people get more shut-eye. The main exception is sounds like chirping birds from a white noise machine.  

One feature to look for is bed bases that require no assembly. Eliminating the need to attach parts means there is also less chance the bed foundation will produce noise when the mattress moves.


This will be based on different factors like the bed base’s:  

  • Size
  • Material
  • Style
  • Quality
  • Mattress (bundle)

Sometimes you can find online sales of up to 50%, which can greatly reduce the price.


Form must follow function. However, you should also consider various factors that can make your furniture more stylish. 

This includes factors like sturdy materials and quality design. Such features can add style to your bed and help you look good while sleeping well.


It is important for your bed foundation to be durable and supportive. This is easily one of the most important issues. The average lifespan of beds is 6 to 8 years.

This figure can differ based on various factors. One possible problem is you could fall through a weak bed base. Before selecting one, make sure it has sturdy materials and quality design. This can help to lengthen the base board’s lifespan.

Another factor is that a quality bed foundation will also boost the lifespan of the mattress. This is due to factors like sturdy materials that help to maintain the mattress’s structure. In many cases, mattresses have the same lifespan as beds.       

Easy or No Assembly

When assembling furniture, the process will be easier when there is a minimum or even no assembly required. Dealing with nuts and bolts can be a hassle when assembling beds and other furniture.

You can also find various Sealy bed bases that require no tools to assemble them. This helps speed up the process since you just have to add the different pieces to the right slots.

While Sealy is best known for its mattresses, the company also produces bed bases. When picking a unit among Sealy beds, some items to consider include size, material, and style. Doing enough research is certainly a step you should take. This can provide a firm foundation for your mattress.

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