5 ways Artificial intelligence has impacted marketing the casino industry

Technology has been very good to the casino and gambling industry. The internet and computers made it possible for people to gamble from anywhere around the globe as long as they had both. New tech developments like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are changing the way we interact with games to be more realistic even when we are not in brick-and-mortar casinos. Another tech development field that has a tremendous impact on the casino industry is Artificial Intelligence.

The history of Artificial Intelligence goes back to 1308, but back then, it was more theoretical. Now, even though AI development is still in its developmental stages, so much has been achieved with the help of what has been developed. AI has helped casinos improve their customer service offering and security, and it has been tremendously impactful in improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

This article will highlight five aspects of casino marketing that artificial intelligence has impacted.

  1. It has helped identify audience personas.

Audience personas are fictional customers that are based on your target customers. Let’s say that PlayCroco Online Casino wants to launch a targeted online campaign. They first need to identify who their target customers are. They will use AI systems to analyze their current traffic and identify the common characteristics of their existing clientele. They can then divide these customers into groups of people with similarities like their ages, locations, and interests.

They then try and create a persona that encompasses the characteristics of the people in their groups, including their goals and desires. Once this process is complete, they will have several customer personas. They then create ad campaigns targeting the various personas.

  1. User targetted ad campaigns.

Many people have had the experience of searching for something once on the internet then receiving ads that match their product on different websites. Artificial intelligence is at the heart of this type of targeting. When you visit many websites, you often permit them to track you through cookies.

Now when a casino launches an ad campaign, the ads are placed infront of people that have shown interest in casinos before. Sometimes they are also offered based on the interests of the people they interact with. One of the biggest advantages companies gain by using user-targeted marketing is spending less on marketing with a higher ROI (Return on Investment). Simply put, it means that they can spend less money campaigning but still get more quality leads.

  1. Analyze response to ad campaigns and make any corrective changes

Not all marketing campaigns will be successful. Sometimes, a company will launch an ad campaign that will not resonate with the clients and consequently not attract customers. However, if ads have been posted on hundreds or thousands of websites, it may be hard for a marketing team to analyze all the data on the ad performance to come up with performance reports.

Thankfully, they don’t have to. They can use AI systems to collect information on all customers that come to their website through ads and analyze where they come from. Using this information, they can then evaluate the performance of their ads and alter the ones that are not performing as expected.

  1. Aid in customer experience analysis

You may have noticed a trend by now. One of the things that AI excels at is analyzing big data and deriving useful information with few to no errors. Customer experience analytics is another way marketers use AI’s data analytics capabilities to get helpful insight. But what is customer experience analytics?

What is customer experience analytics?

Customer experience analytics refers to analyzing customer data to find out their pain points, points of view, and even the customers’ experience with the companies products or services. If this sounds like it will go back to creating customer personas, you are partially correct. That is one of the things this type of analytics can yield. But there is something else.

How customer experience analytics helps customers progress through the sales journey.

Clients typically go through several stages in the sales journey. Often, casinos will create content that can help push clients through the sales funnel from awareness to selling. Customer experience analytics can help identify the places in the sales funnels where clients can or typically get stuck so content can be created to push them forward. Essentially, your marketers will learn to improve the clients’ experience so they are more motivated to join you.

  1. Help with content creation.

Marketing is not just about sales ads and pitches. Let’s say that you are a company that sells mobile phone jail cells. If a client does not know about your product, then sell it to them will likely be ineffective. However, if you spend your time explaining your product, what it does and why they should buy it, making the sale will be easier. Similarly, people will be more inclined to join a casino if they create content that helps clients understand how it works, games they have, etc.

AI can help with content creation on two levels. First, it can generate ideas based on the data on current customers and data on the internet on that topic. Secondly, it can generate full content for the casino. This generated content may have to be altered a bit as humans communicate differently from machines, but it’s bound to get better with time.


AI development has had a significant impact on casinos. For that reason, you can expect increasing applications into various aspects of casinos to help improve their service delivery in the future.


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