5 Essential Questions to Ask During a Marketing Consultation

Did you know that one of the reasons new businesses fail is insufficient marketing? Not only should you be investing in this area of your business, but you should also ensure you’re marketing to the right people.

Often, small businesses will try and take on this task themselves, to later realize it’s time-consuming and they don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge.

This is where a marketing consultant can help.

Before outsourcing this task, you’ll probably have lots of marketing questions to ask prospective agencies.

Here are 5 questions to ask during a marketing consultation.

1. What Are Your Areas of Expertise?

There are lots of different types of marketing, and companies specialize in various things. Don’t expect all digital marketing agencies to deliver exceptional social media management when their true area of expertise is SEO.

Make sure you’re hiring a marketing consultant that’s top in the area you need support.

2. Are You Experienced Working With My Industry?

Marketing a restaurant is a different proposition to attracting new patients to a dental practice. You’ll want a marketing expert that understands the specific industry you’re working in.

For example, this company can help franchisees with their marketing. Read more now.

3. What Do You Think of Our Current Marketing?

One of the most important questions for a marketing consultant to answer is “what do you think of our current marketing?” They should be able to give you an honest appraisal pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of your existing practices.

If the consultant hasn’t paid attention to what you’re already doing, it may demonstrate a lack of interest in your business.

4. How Do You Measure Success?

When you’re investing your hard-earned money into marketing, you’re going to want to see returns. But how does the marketing company measure its success?

Key performance indicators could include a boost in traffic to your website, increased conversion, or greater engagement with your brand on social media. Whatever your ultimate goal, make sure you’re using SMART objectives.

SMART objectives are:

  • Specific – It’s clear what you want to achieve
  • Measurable – You know when you’ve achieved it
  • Achievable – Success is achievable with the right efforts
  • Relevant – Your goal should have an impact on your business
  • Time-bound – How long does your marketing consultant have to achieve this goal?

A good marketing company will be able to provide you with regular updates on how you’re doing against these goals.

5. What Is Your Pricing Structure?

Finally, how do they charge? Will you pay a set amount each month for a specific package, or will they bill you for specific products and services as you use them?

It’s important to gain a clear understanding of how much your marketing consultant will charge so that you can budget accordingly.

Know What to Ask During a Marketing Consultation

Your marketing consultation is a chance to find out whether an agency is right for you. Be prepared to ask the right questions and you may find a company that’ll propel your business to new heights.

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