5 Best Luxury Watch Brands To Watch Out For In 2021

We are finally living in an age where we should be able to track time more closely. 

Even if we have been mostly staying inside our homes, keeping track of time also adds to keeping our sanity intact. With the new year’s now right in front of us, having a new timepiece would be very apt. And why not kick it up a notch and get a luxury watch?

It is a known fact that luxury watches are forever destined not to go out of fashion. This fact remains the case even after clocks are made available on mobile devices. Nothing beats the signature elegance of a real luxury wristwatch. Here are the best brands to pick from.

Maurice Lacroix    

Back in the mid-seventies, Desco von Schulthess began manufacturing watches in Saignelegier under the brand name Maurice Lacroix. It had since become so successful. This Switzerland based watch brand is one of the most sought after brands out there today. Since being acquired in 1989 by the case company Queloz, this brand has been producing all their watch cases in-house. That is one of the most defining features and one of the aspects that weigh in regarding the importance of luxury watches. These are hand-built.

Some of the most notable watches that have been produced by this big watch brand include, the Maurice Lacroix Les Mécaniques, Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece, Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Le Chronograph, Maurice Lacroix Pontos, Maurice Lacroix Eliros, Maurice Lacroix Miros, and the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques. They have a wide range of models to choose from.


If you want something that exudes luxury when it comes to watches, Rolex is one of those watches that everyone will be able to recognize immediately.

The name Rolex itself already is a byword for exclusivity and luxury. Being able to wear and own a Rolex is more than just wearing a timepiece, it is a silent but clear statement of prestige and power.

Historically, this luxury brand is the first to patent a waterproof watch. It is, of course, the very famous Oster model. Not only that, but they also created the very first self-winding watch back in 1945. Its fame was further boosted by its appearances in films, like in James Bond.

Rolex prides itself on its dedication to the level of quality they have always provided for years. They continuously improve their offerings and can deliver long-lasting excellence to its many loyal customers around the globe.  

Patek Philippe

For most of you that are a bit of RDJ fans, this luxury watch brand should sound very familiar as this is included in his collection of watches he had showcased in that fascinating (as well as very entertaining) three-minute video on GQ.

Switzerland is now synonymous with luxury watch brands. Patek Philippe is one of those famed brands.

This brand was the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva. Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has remained with the Stern family ever since. Because of this, it has been allowed to maintain the brand’s unique identity.

Patek Philippe watches are created on a specific basis of years and years of knowledge and horological understanding. This made the brand more associated with some of the finest timepieces in existence.

However, the company is also heavily innovative and are continuously developing modern timepieces. Imagine the quality of having the acquired skills of watch building and high-tech developments all on your hands.

A.Lange & Sohne

If you are looking for a luxury brand specializing in excellence and perfection at every stage of their build process, A.Lange & Sohne is the brand to look out for.

This brand prides itself on producing well-crafted timepieces made by the most dedicated creators.

Founded in 1845, this luxury brand had a bit of a rough start. It all began after World War 2. But later on returned in 1990, which was the time that the reunification of Germany happened. All of this was thanks to Walter Lange, the great-grandson of the founder Ferdinand A. Lange. He was responsible for the reopening of the business again in the nineties. 

With that embedded intuitive understanding for aesthetics and an un-moveable commitment to precision, A. Lange & Sohne watch designs stand out from dozens and dozens of luxury watch brands out there on the market today. A good example is their signature model that had come out after they had reopened, the Lange 1, with its distinctive and unmistakable asymmetrical dial design. 


It is a luxury watch brand that delivers heavenly luxury watches to collectors for more than 170 years. The timepieces that have been painstakingly manufactured by this brand have gone all the way up the North pole. It was even launched into outer space and got to descend onto the depths of the oceans on submarines.

The brand began in 1948 in a small Swiss village and initially went by the name Luis Brandt & Fil. At the time, the company was able to launch its very first series of watches called Labrador. It came out in 1885. In 1892, they were able to introduce the world’s first minute-repeating watch. Then when 1894 came, they produced the Omega Caliber. The success of this series prompted the change to their current popular name, Omega Watch Company.

That brand name change only helped them take off more, quite as well. Mostly because their Omega Speedmaster Professional was the very first watch that was worn by people that had gone on the moon. Yup, Buzz Aldrin wore one during one of the most important moments of human history.

Luxury Watches Are More Than Just A Collection

One of the more obvious reasons why luxury watches are set apart from the usual cheaper kinds of wristwatches (besides all of the history and facts stated above) is that they are emotional investments. Treasured possessions that will most likely, become prized family heirlooms one day. 

So if you ever want to invest in any one of these watches today, it will be worth every cent, guaranteed.

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