5 Best Foods to Help Your Toddler Poop

Having a toddler is a joyous but challenging time, as the little being cannot communicate properly about their discomforts. Giving them food is another challenge, as toddlers tend to appreciate one food today and reject it tomorrow. You could be trying to fit into your toddler’s demands and, in so doing, disturbing their poop patterns.

Knowing when your child is constipating can be tricky at times. While you can count the frequency of their poop in a day or analyze the texture of the poop, this can pose a challenge to new mothers. Many people who have toddlers have affixed their minds to the three P’s when it comes to feeding their children the right foods. Others make a simple guess, with Google searches being their best bet when it comes to feeding. However, everyone agrees with the importance of fiber in the diet, especially its role in dealing with digestive issues. Perhaps, integrating prunes or peaches will do or sometimes add peaches to the other meals you offer to your child, but which foods are the best and effective in helping toddlers poop?

What foods help children poop?

A meal rich in fibers

Fiber-rich diets are the major focus for many when dealing with constipation. However, one shortcoming of such diets is their low water levels that can disrupt the poop patterns of a toddler. When taking fiber bars, many children will never remember to have water, which can make them dehydrated. When fiber-based meals are not taken in moderation, they can lead to constipation, the very thing they are supposed to prevent. Small children have small passages, and when they have constipation frequently, these passages block, presenting other serious medical issues. Always remember to include water in fiber diets to avoid dehydration.

Coconut milk

Fiber-rich foods do not take into consideration the hydration factor. The best way to deal with dehydration is accompanying your child’s fiber diet with water-rich foods. Children do not love taking water: You will notice this when trying to force them to have a glass. However, you can improve their intake by introducing them as a treat. Children love treats; you can create water-rich foods by freezing and making popsicles or giving them water juices based on coconut milk.

Fruits based juices

Juices are one of the regarded ways to have your child’s carbohydrate levels up while still having them take fiber-rich foods, which can stop constipation. Snacks such as watermelons, grapes, and oranges have all the water children need, which you can integrate with the fiber-rich foods. However, a small child will not take an orange and eat it on their own; they will need your input to transform it into a juice.


Avocados are a major source of fiber-rich fatty foods, one major ingredient that helps children poop. Avocados have a significant amount of fat; in fact, they are full-fat foods, which can help other foods move down the digestive tract. However, toddlers do not understand the full benefits of avocados and will reject them when offered one. You have to be creative when introducing avocados to your children. You can sneak it in a smoothie or put it in their pudding.

Cultured foods

Cultured foods have essential bacteria that help in the digestion process. These foods can help your child poop. Probiotics are good bacteria; they get this name from their properties of nourishing the stomach when some important bacteria have disappeared due to the use of drugs or stomach infections. Children love flavored meals, and yogurts can be that additional in their diet that can help them poop frequently. However, a thick yogurt will not do the job well and make it harder for your child to poop. When buying yogurts, make sure they have probiotic properties, and then add a lot of hydrating foods alongside the yogurt.

Sometimes your little one can reject some food because you have sliced it wrongly or refuse to present it to them the way they like it. Foods are essential in your child’s development, but which ones help stop constipation? You can have a combination of fiber-rich foods, cultured foods and hydrating ones to help them poop.

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