4 Potential Reasons Why A Car Accident Lawyer May Turn Down Your Case

    A car accident lawyer may turn down your case

    Before you decide on hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your car accident claim, you will certainly interview a few PI lawyers.

    In case the first lawyer you speak to denies accepting your case, don’t get discouraged. 

    Don’t forget that just as you’re analyzing the skills of the attorney, he too is evaluating the potential of your personal injury case along with the costs and capability of representing you.

    Even after several years of an accident, there are many victims whose cases are denied due to unknown reasons. 

    However, we are going to discuss the most common reasons why Las Vegas fatal accident lawyers might deny your case. Check them out. 

    Reason #1: You Haven’t Sustained Any Injury

    There are some PI victims who rush to attorneys even when they have no significant injury to show. They might only be having a tough with negotiating with the insurance companies or they may even feel their case is of no worth.

    But to obtain compensation for the accident, they may wrongly try to prove that some injury exists. During such a situation, it is tough to make a strong case with the attorney. This might be a reason for denying your case. 

    Reason #2: Your Accident Didn’t Occur Within The State

    Did your accident occur in a separate jurisdiction? Or did you meet with an accident while you were on a vacation? On returning from the vacation, did you just start gathering all your medical bills?

    Now that you think that your bills have to be paid through a PI lawyer in your home state, he might not be licensed to handle the case in the state where you were injured. Not being aware of the laws of that particular state might prompt him to deny your case. 

    Reason #3: Limited Assets Of The Defendant

    One more reason behind a personal injury lawyer not accepting your case is when he believes that the person who is to be sued has very limited or nominal resources to pay your claim amount.

    Although in such PI cases, you also get insurance coverage in order to pay for the damages that you’ve sustained as a victim, insurance coverage might not be applicable in all accident cases.

    Reason #4: Too Much Time-Consuming

    When you take a car accident case to a personal injury attorney, he will analyze the time he might take to complete the case.

    In case he thinks that the case might take a long time than what he expects and that he won’t receive the money that he invests for the case, he may not accept the case.

    Moreover, when the case takes an extended period of time to complete, the lawyer may also not be available to reap the benefit of the case. 

    Even though the attorney senses that the case is a profitable one for him, the expiration of SOL (Statute of Limitations) can force him to reject your case.

    Hence, it is advised that the victims should file a case within the right time period. 


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