4 Gifts For Your Mom To Make Her Day Extra Special

The ironic part about being in someone’s life for a long time is that sometimes it is harder to think of a gift for that person. For instance, our mothers. Though they are always thankful for whatever gift we give them during the holidays or birthdays, nothing seems to be at par with the woman who gave you everything.

To make things more complicated, our mom would not even give us a clue about what they want for the holidays. If you are one of those children who are searching for the perfect gift for your mother, then we got some good news for you. We already did all the hard work when it comes to searching for the best holiday gifts. Whether it is for the holidays, birthday, or a random occasion, check out the list for some inspiration. 

Happy Sport Wristwatch

If you are going all in, then we suggest that you give her a timepiece. Not just any wristwatch, but a Happy Sport wristwatch by Chopard. To be specific, you can check out the 278509-6005 design. This timepiece is a fine mix of luxury, elegance, and femininity. It has a white mother of pearl dial and rose gold roman numerals. Its bezel is encrypted with diamonds encircling the rim of the timepiece. This piece is also scratch-proof and reflectionless because of the sapphire crystals in the watch glass. To match the roman numerals, the case is made of rose gold and stainless steel. The battery is supported by a quartz movement. On top of all of this, the watch is also waterproof by up to 30 meters. 

Aside from being a good investment, a wristwatch is also a practical gift. A 278509-6005 Happy Sport watch retails around $22,000. But you can check out some watch websites, like www.watchshopping.com, so you can score the same model at a discounted price! 

Winc Subscription

If your mother is a wine connoisseur, then this is the gift for her. Get her a subscription from the Winc Wine Club. This company aims to connect its members to the most exclusive win collection, tailored to their tastes and preferences. To start, Winc will ask six questions to gauge which bottles of wine to send. You might want to subtly ask your mom these questions to be sure. After this step, Winc will send over four bottles of wine per month, specifically chosen to match the palette of the member. To get better recommendations, the member can send a rating of their wines. 

Winc curates hundreds of wines to give each member a unique experience when it comes to wine tasting. Your mom can also choose from red, white, cider, rose, sparkling, and more, over the months. You can get each bottle for around $13 each, which is already a steal considering how expensive a bottle of wine could get. 

Personalized Calendar

All mothers are supermoms. So if she always has a busy schedule, then a personalized calendar is a good gift that she can keep on her tabletop. If she likes collecting photos and memories, a personalized calendar might make each of her day special. Minted is a company that can customize calendars for you. You can put pictures of you and our family for each month of the year. Aside from photos, you can also personalize some dates, such as birthdays and special events, so your mom will not forget. When you check out their website, there are tons of layouts and designs to choose from that are made by independent artists. The prices of a customized calendar start at $39. 

Louis Vuitton Onthego MM 

If your mom loves to shop, then she will recognize this bag from afar. So whether she often goes on a business trip or likes a good day at the spa, this bag is going to be her go-to bag. The Onthego MM bag is spacious enough to carry all essentials.

On the side of the bag, you will see the iconic Louis Vuitton logo in bold and a Monogram reverse on the other side. It also has a Twin Toron top handle, plus two shoulder straps for versatility. It features a textile lining and gold color hardware. This bag also has a flat inside zipped pocket and an inside double pocket. The Onthego MM retails for around $2,530. This luxury brand makes for a good gift for sure.

Surprise your mom this holiday season!

It is time to ditch those generic gifts for mother and replace them with something that she will treasure. Most of the gifts mentioned above are a little pricey. But hey, if you are going to give it to the woman who gave you your life, then it’s going to be worth it. These are only some of the thoughtful gifts that you can give your mom. 


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