4 Fast And Easy Steps To Use The PDF Bear’s Rotation Tool

For some reason, we like to rotate PDFs to any angles we prefer. The rotation process can be troublesome for others. However, thanks to the service of PDF Bear, that makes this task possible. Aside from the rotation tool, the site also provided various useful tools that anyone can access entirely. You can also avail of their pro version for unlimited features. To rotate your PDFs using their tool, follow these guidelines below.

Upload The PDFs You Wish To Be Rotated

First of all, you should choose and upload the PDF files to the site that you wish to rotate. To use its rotate PDF tool, just simply click “Select Files” located at the central part of the site’s layout. You can also drag those PDFs from the internal storage of your device if this is a more convenient option for you.

Wait For The Circular Arrows To Appear

After you selected files intended for rotation, wait for the circular arrow to appear during the process. Choose the right angle you prefer for the document, and the server will grant your request after a matter of seconds. Rest assured that the server will protect your privacy from any prying eyes aiming to steal your documents.

Click the “Apply” Button

After you found the best angle for your PDFs, simply click apply and wait for the whole rotation process to start. The site will do its very best to help you get the best angle of your files. In just a matter of seconds, your newly rotated PDF documents are ready to be downloaded and used.

Download Or Share Your Rotated PDFs

Once you are done with the necessary steps to rotate your PDFs for the best view, you can freely download them to the device you are currently using or share it with your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Similar to the rotation, the downloading process will only consume seconds.

4 Fast And Easy Steps To Use The PDF Bear’s Rotation Tool
The PDF Bear’s Rotation Tool

Why You Should Use The PDF Bear’s, Rotation Tool?

PDF Bear is a known site for providing users various tools for their document-related concerns, and this is a concrete reason why you should also use it. They are known for their advanced digital features and overwhelming services. Still in doubt? Check out these factors below.

The Value Your Protection

As their user, PDF Bear will value the protection of its users. They ensure that there will be no prying eyes that can harm the users’ privacy and the confidentiality of their content. All of your inputs will be permanently removed from the site’s server to protect them.

Supports All Platforms

The platform is not a problem when it comes to the site’s service as it supports numerous operating systems. Thus, whether you are currently using Mac, Linux, or Windows, you can freely rotate your PDFs. The whole procedure is fast and convenient, regardless of the platform.

Actions Are Perform In Their Cloud

If you utilize a browser to rotate particular PDFs, all actions will be performed in the

site’s cloud. Setting or applications of changes will also be performed in the cloud, giving you easy access-solution. It will not require you to install an offline software to do the process.

Features Easy To Use Layout

PDF Bear features easy to utilize layout. When you visit the site, all displays are simple for the benefits of the users worldwide. The tools are well-presented, including the steps that are properly described. All of your document-related concerns will be fully addressed.


Not just with its rotation tool, PDF Bear is also renowned for featuring different helpful tools for all sorts of documents. Some of its featured tools are converter, compression, remover, merger, and splitting tools. The site includes all the necessary steps for each tool, and all of them can be completely accessed for free. You can visit the website now and let them handle the whole task without giving you headaches.

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