2020 Best Colleges for Autistic Students

Unlike in the past years, the ratio for autistic children was 1 in 150 in 2000. Come 2010, the rate had increased to 1 in every 68, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the curve of children born with autism keeps rising, there is a need to create learning programs and environments that are significant to their needs. The positive aspect is that many online uses have joined the campaign to raise awareness and get solutions to the matter. No matter the situation, every child is entitled to a good education. And for that matter, let us discuss the best colleges for autistic children in 2020. At the same time students can pay for essay online to get a help with writing.

  • Located in Huntington, WV, Marshall University is a unique center for autistic students. The facility attracts a fee of $3,200 per semester. One aspect of Marshall University is how the school offers exceptional support for autistic students. There are professional advisors who give direction to the autistic students and help them how to set and meet their goals. In the end, students build up confidence, gain their preferred skills, and face life like any other person. You can as well pay an annual fee that is $7,798.
  • Bellevue College

The facility is located in Bellevue, WA. If you need a cheap yet reliable college, then Bellevue is here for you. You will part with only $3,230 annual tuition fees. The school has a particular program known as Autism Spectrum Navigators (ASN). The program typically runs with other schedules in the college. The program aims to help and support students on how to deal with stress management, become self-reliable, and improve interpersonal communication. There are peer mentors and teachers who exclusively offer adequate help to the students.

Note: The program is free of charge as long as the student schools at Bellevue College.

  • University of South Florida

The University is located in Tamp, FL. The University offers career-related skills to help students with autism acquire their dream skills, find an internship, and secure job opportunities for autistic students. They focus on matching the students to careers according to their strengths and preferences.

Also, the school encourages group activities to improve overall social skills. Some mentors guide the students every week, but their main goal is to get employment opportunities.  When students enroll at the University of South Florida, they don’t have to look for another program since they get everything from the facility. All the services attract a fee of $9,900 annually.

  • Midwestern State University

The University is located in Wichita Falls, TX. The facility has a full-support program for autistic students.  What makes the University different from others is that it offers a special place on campus where autistic students live with two mentors. The mentors assist students and teach them how to live and attain live objectives. The facility attracts an annual fee of $8,694.


Every student, no matter their state, deserves a serene environment to study and face life goals. For autistic students, there are many facilities they can join and improve their social development and reach their career goals. Check out some of the facilities above, and your worries will be gone. Each facility has different services with different fees.

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